So you're ready for a new level in business...

A new level of income…


of being what?!


The you who has everything they’ve ever wanted.
The you who has the successful business, the health, the relationships…
The you who is living out your dream life.


Because you’re READY.

You know you were born for this.
You know it’s mother fucking TIME.

Time for you to expand.

In the depths of what you teach others.
In the income you have per month.
In the impact you have through your business.

And you know this expansion can’t just be in the how-to-business-strategy realm… sure that matters. And yes i’ll be here to answer any questions about that.

But let’s be real… that’s the fucking easy part.

The true expansion… The expansion that sticks. That keeps you reaching for more- and actually achieving it- starts from within.

It’s the inner expansion that will shift your external world.

Because, let’s be real…
You’ve been doing the things.
Having some success.
Maybe a lot of it.

But it’s still not enough.
It will never be enough… and you’re okay with that.

It’s not that you don’t know you’re enough as you are… it’s that you know that when you have more money, a bigger impact, and you’re living the life you truly want to live… you’re just MORE.

More impactful.
More lit up.
More excited for life.
More… of YOU.

The YOU who’s tapped in, turned on and tuned into their purpose here on this earth.

The YOU who gets the sweaty vagina, sweaty armpit feeling just for being alive.


And without this next level of expansion- whatever it looks like for you- you’ll feel like somethings missing.

And fuck that shit… you did not come here to live a “meh, something’s kind of missing” life…


Because love, it’s your mother fucking time.

I feel it, too.
I know it, too.
And I’m here to help you make it happen.

I'm ready to APPLY and see if it's right for me!
I'm so fucking ready to buy and get started NOW!
I'm ready to APPLY and see if it's right for me!
I'm so fucking ready to buy and get started NOW!

The Expansive AF Entrepreneur Mastermind was a container created after my first quarter of a million dollar year… which, if you didn’t know, was my second year in business.

The first year I did 50k…

And since then we’ve done about a half of a million dollars in cash (and we are only a little over 3 years into the business).

It’s been quite fucking epic.

Not just because of what the money has been able to buy me, but because I love moving fast.

I love helping others move fast.

I love getting so mother fucking clear on what is possible… what I desire… What other’s desire… and help make it fucking happen.

The Expansive AF Entrepreneur Mastermind is THE place you want to be if moving fast vibes with you…

If you’re ready to expand to new heights in your business and life…

And if you’re ready to be surrounded by only the most badass fucking group of humans who are REAL, SUPPORTIVE, GO-GETTERS, and MOTHER FUCKING BRILLIANT AT WHAT THEY DO.

This round, I’m only accepting 6 students.

We start November 8th.

And you have an option to just join the group- which has been the most transformational part for every human that has joined in the past.


You can add on VIP 1:1 calls each month.

I’ve made the container a shorter container- only 4 months- and you will have the option of being locked in at the current rate if you choose to stay afterwards.

(If you didn’t know, I’m known to raise my prices significantly and quickly, often. So this will be a huge bonus for you).

I'm ready to APPLY and see if it's right for me!
I'm so fucking ready to buy and get started NOW!

Before you decide if the Expansive AF Entrepreneur is for you or not, let me leave you with this...

The way you’re living, thinking, believing, acting now is what’s gotten you HERE…

And unless HERE is where you want to stay forever, it’s time you do the work and expand internally, to support a new level of being externally.

The work you do in this mastermind will transfer into all areas of you life, will help you help your clients in a more effective way and will help you go after new successes that are currently just a fucking dream.

The clients who do this work go on to make the most amount of money they’ve ever made, overhaul their way of being to a happier and overall wealthier way of life, and, honestly, the impact it has on their clients and world never ceases to amaze me.

Your transformation will be nothing short of amazing when you show up for this work.

Let’s fucking gooooooo.

I'm ready to APPLY and see if it's right for me!
I'm so fucking ready to buy and get started NOW!
I'm ready to APPLY and see if it's right for me!
I'm so fucking ready to buy and get started NOW!