The manifestation and personal growth course helping you trade misalignment for a life that feels like a full body fuck-yes.

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You KNOW this- but yet somehow you're just not fully living UP TO YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL- and you're running out of fucks to give to continue repeating the patterns that are keeping you stuck in a life you don't absolutely love.


Ultimately, you're ready to live a Life on Fire.

I want in!!!

Let me know if this sounds familiar...

  • You’re feeling kind of “meh” in some (or maybe all) areas of your life & you're ready for an uplevel.
  • You grew up being PRAISED for how amazing you were- in school, in your extracurriculars, in getting a degree- but now, in adulthood, you're feeling disconnected, burnt out and in many ways, unfulfilled.


  • There's a part of you that knows that life is meant to feel so much better than this, and you're ready to find out what that is.

  • You're ready to go deeper with yourself and ultimately feel so much more connected and at peace, WHILE massively upleveling your life.


  • And ultimately you're ready to ditch any/all behaviors that aren't serving your higher self. This can be your relationship with alcohol, food, overworking yourself, hiding your gifts from the world... anything that's preventing you from feeling absolutely fucking amazing.

And that's why you're here...

You’re ready to do anything necessary to shift everything that feels misaligned with your dream life.


You’re wondering…

How can I be SO damn brilliant and hardworking, but not be “there” yet?

Is this cycle of overworking myself and struggling just going to be my reality for the rest of my life?

What do other people have that I don’t?! What formula… skill… maybe they just got fucking lucky?!




A few years ago I was in the same place.

I was a straight A student for all of my career.

I was the overachiever.

The strongest woman in the gym.

I got 2 bachelor degrees before the age of 21 and then went on to my masters and RD cert.

And I constantly had the inkling to become an entrepreneur, to go for a bigger life, to have a better body... but I completely ignored it.

I felt caged in by the jobs available to me...

My mindset was constantly working against me...

I would start to "go all in" on things and than give up when shit got hard OR I was stuck in repeating patterns that were not serving the higher vision I had for my life.




It wasn’t until I was struggling with binge eating, working jobs I hated or that completely burnt me out, smoking weed nightly, relying on alcohol for fun, six figures in debt, being overworked & burnt out as a personal trainer & RD, and getting cheated on by my fiancé that I FINALLY LISTENED TO MY INTUITION AND SHOWED UP FOR MYSELF POWERFULLY.


That's when I began my manifestation and spiritual journey…

And within 12 months I manifested a COMPLETELY different life that FINALLY matched the vision for the "big-ness" I had inside of me. I :

  • Healed my relationship with myself + food
  • Healed my anxiety
  • Manifested my dream body
  • Healed my relationship with my partner
  • Moved across the country
  • And built a six figure business off of helping people in the way I was TRULY meant to help people (that’s now made close to half of a million dollars).

And I also did it in a MUCH more fulfilling, aligned way.


Honestly, this was the first time in my life I experienced success that I didn't have to sell my fucking soul for.


It felt like my gifts in the world were FINALLY being appreciated.


Like my badass-bitch, quirky, awkward, "too-much" energy had a place in the world and was finally matched with a happiness internally and massive success externally.


So how did I make this massive overhaul of my life so quickly & successfully?


I learned everything I could about manifestation & inner work and put my own bad-ass-bitch-go-getter-energy twist on it and made it SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE.


I now know that the deeper I thrive, the easier success flows to me- and the more magnetic my actions are in attracting what I desire.


It's the same for you- and all of the go-getter's out there.


And Life on Fire will show you the blueprint I’ve used to manifest every massive success over the past 4 years, and every up level since.

The life where you're thriving is on the other side of Life on Fire

 Here's what you need to know and embody:


The vision you have for your life IS MEANT FOR YOU.

 And it's time you show the fuck up for it and create your own fully aligned, fuck-yes life.


How do you do this?!


You improve your mindset.

You expand what you believe is possible for yourself.

You get rid of all of the shit that's out of alignment.

You embody an energy of fuck-yes-ness, confidence and self belief in all areas of your life.

You get more connected to yourself and the part of you that inherently believes you can be "that bitch" who has it all.

And ultimately you upgrade your natural state of being.

And although, yes, you can keep pushing and shoving your way to success... or just hoping that one day shit is going to change... ignoring your body's cues. Ignoring your anxiety. Ignoring the fact that your life internally feels draining AF...


OR you can come into Life on Fire and learn how to manifest & create a deeply fulfilling life, in all ways.


Now, manifestation doesn't mean you don't show up for the work and just "know that shit is all working out for you" and think positively along the way...

The true work, life-changing work that will make your success SO MUCH EASIER is in the showing up powerfully for yourself and in the undoing of your LIFE-LONG patterns and ways of being that are resisting the good-ness that is meant for you.







Success and up-leveling need to become your new NATURAL WAY OF BEING.

This is the key to unlocking the GOLDEN TICKET to the abundance, health, wealth, love and good-ness that is waiting for you.


When I learned the techniques I teach in Life on Fire, I stopped overworking myself.

I stopped having to push to succeed.

And I stopped doing everything and anything that wasn’t a full-body fuck yes.



And as a result???


I drive my dream car.

Work about 20 hours a week.

Have my dream business.

The best relationships of my life.

The best sex of my life.

The healthiest body I’ve ever had.

And feel, wholeheartedly, fully, at peace, internally.


When you understand the keys to unlocking the flow of good-ness into your life, everything gets better and easier.

YES I'm ready for a Life on Fire

In Life on Fire, I’m going to share with you only the NECESSARY steps to help you overhaul any and all areas of your life using psychology, spirituality, energetics, deep healing, embodiment and so much more.

Why you need Life on Fire...

And how it will change your life.


Life on Fire is a 16 week course taught by Jonnie Marie Agresta- multiple six figure entrepreneur, host of the Spiritual AF podcast & coach to thousands of humans who have become happier, healthier and wealthier.


It’s safe to say that Jonnie knows a thing or two about success, transformation and overall happiness while breaking it down in the most impactful ways- and that’s why Life on Fire was created. It’s a blend of spiritual teachings, success principles & deep healing practices that will transform your way of being and lead you to the most fulfilling, peaceful and happy life... while helping you continuously up-level everything you experience in your physical world.

Life on Fire is filled with only the necessary steps you need to understand yourself better, shift your life & manifest a life where you’re thriving... and every up-level afterwards.

Here's the proven blueprint to help you manifest a life on fire:

Total value: $19,500

But I've made Life on Fire way more accessible than that:


Pay in Full



  • Lifetime access to the course modules
  • 4 months of group support in a private group chat (Jonnie will be in the  group 1x/week to answer questions, give feedback and update the course as needed)
  • Access to transformational meditations + journal prompts
  • Monthly Q&A calls
  • All future updates to the course
I'm ready to pay in full


$222 x 3 mo

most accessible plan


  • Access to the course modules
  • 4 months of group support in a private group chat (Jonnie will be in the  group 1x/week to answer questions, give feedback and update the course as needed)
  • Access to transformational meditations + journal prompts
  • Monthly Q&A calls
  • All future updates to the course


I'm ready to go on a payment plan

My Commitment to Your Success:


After coaching thousands of humans to be healthier, happier and wealthier, I have put EVERYTHING I know about manifestation, success and creating your dream life into this program.


So my commitment to you is to show up for you the exact way I show up for myself.


No BS. No filter. No half-assed-ness.


Just straight TRANSFORMATIONAL FIRE- coming at you.


When you join this course, you learn my repeatable, proven process to up-level all areas of your life- time and time again.


When you follow the steps in Life on Fire, it works.


But only if YOU show up for it.


Are you ready??

**And before you go on thinking that this is just going to be another course you’re going to invest in and forget about, I want you to just challenge yourself to see what happens if you dedicate the next 12 months to your transformation.


If you show up *as if* your success is inevitable.


You owe it to yourself, love.



Life on Fire is

for you if:

  • You feel a pull to do more inner work on yourself and get more connected to yourself and the Universe

  • You’re ready to uplevel your life- where you have everything you desire in your physical world and also feel a deep sense of thriving internally

  • You’re no longer available for being burnt out, overworked and stressed and are ready to feel deeply aligned in all ways

  • You’re ready for a BIGGER LIFE externally, while feeling calm & peaceful internally.

  • You’re dedicated to learning more about spirituality, manifestation and personal growth

Life on Fire is not for you if:

  • You want to play the victim card/blame game & not take 100% responsibility for your reality

  • You want to continue your cycle of "waiting until I get there to be happy"

  • You want a quick fix to get you to your dream life

  • You aren’t ready for massive changes in your life

  • You aren’t willing to do the inner work required for you to build your dream life

  •  You want to keep overworking and burning yourself out