Rise out of doubt. 

Thrive in impact.

It’s time to make a massive impact on the wellness of the world,
and be yourself while doing it.

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imagine a life where...

  • You are making a daily impact on your ideal clients
  • You are able to hold space for them because you are well-rested, energized, and in love with your work 
  • You are able to generate and convert leads in your sleep, because you know the systems and strategies of entrepreneurship
  • You have complete control over your time, because you’re the CEO of a wildly successful online business, and you report to NObody


Repeat after me:


“I was born to make a massive impact.
And this is my time."

Hey Helpers,

Yes--coaches, nurses, teachers, RDs, exercise physiologists, spiritual leaders, lawyers, paramedics, doctors, yoga instructors, pharmacists, mental health practitioners--
I’m talking to ALL of you.


I see you…


...Fed up with your soul-sucking 9-5 that leaves you gassed and burned out

...Unfulfilled in your job and beating yourself up for the negative energy that is impacting your work with clients

...Isolated because your family and friends don’t support your entrepreneurial visions

...Overwhelmed with all the friggin’ online courses/webinars/podcasts on entrepreneurship (“can someone just tell me what to DO?”)

...Freaking out because you haven’t made the impact you know you’re meant to, and it feels like time is running the eff out

...Desperate to serve others in a meaningful way, but still wanting financial freedom

...Getting distracted and struggling to pick a “niche” or hone in on your specialty

...Losing hope that you’ll ever help people in the massive way you dream of

...Scared you’re wasting your life not going after your dreams

...Knowing so much (your degree is probably haunting you) but not knowing where to funnel that epic knowledge

...Struggling to stay consistent with your purpose or business plan

...Scrambling to pivot online because Susan, Carol and everyone else on instagram seems to be doing it and you feel left behind

Shutting down and hiding because you’re afraid of making a mistake or not “getting it perfect”

Love, you can always
get your “safe job” back.


But you can never get the time back you wasted wishing and wondering.

My job as your business coach is to stop you from wishing and wondering, and show you that your time is RIGHT NOW. 


Do not waste your life. 

RISE UP, and give yourself the opportunity to LET GO of the bullshit that holds you back from committing. 

SHOW UP and learn the tools and strategies that allow for consistency and profitability. 

THRIVE in the impact you are meant to make on this world.

Let’s get to know each other! 


First of all, I am SO EFFING PROUD of you for being here.

Yes, proud. Because you are already beginning to show up for yourself by considering an investment in your business, your clients, and your life. 

I’m Jonnie,
CEO of Rise + Thrive
and your virtual coach on this
epic journey to entrepreneurship
and service-based impact.


I created Rise + Thrive to empower health coaches, service-based entrepreneurs, and truly anyone in the wellness space to step into their power as embodied and purposeful AF business owners. 


Love, not too long ago I was where you are right now…


As a registered dietitian and personal trainer, I spent over a DECADE working dozens of soul-sucking jobs that fulfilled zero of my goals to actually help and inspire others that would also support me, financially. I desperately wanted to make a big impact, but I was completely unsupported by my family, running myself into the ground working overtime, and kept running into one dead-end job after another.


When I harnessed the courage and confidence to leave my 9-5 and start online coaching, I had the vision, the idea, and the readiness, but I was still unsure of how to put my vision into a thriving onilne business.

I wanted to make an impact.

I wanted to serve and support others.

I wanted to educate and offer my knowledge and resources.

I had all of the desire... But I still needed the strategy.

So I hired a coach and invested in business coaching programs --I only selected programs and coaches I vibed with and ones that would help me focus on not only launching my business but also on creating products that are intimately connected to my mission, attracting ideal clients that will truly benefit from my process, and cultivating a business that will support my dream life, from the ground up. 

Once I invested in coaching…

>>> I 7xed my income in less than one year

>>> I reached consistent 10k months within 6 months of starting my business 

>>> I took hold of my career and realized everything is in my control

>>> I was able to serve dozens of ideal clients and witness them have insane progress

>>> I launched multiple group programs and had massive success

>>> I found an unwavering belief in myself and fearlessness in my goals

>>> I gained a badass support network of entrepreneurs who understand me and value my entrepreneurial spirit

>>> I generated over 400k in revenue in just 21 months from the start of my business

And now I get the opportunity to pass these same skills and strategies on to you!

This is how we RISE together.


Check out what other entrepreneurs think about Business Coaching with me and what the ability to learn these tools and techniques has done for them:

Just like we have, you will learn to change the health and happiness of society in
Rise + Thrive. 

This course will empower you to create life-long transformational programs that, in turn, create massive impacts 
(and income).⁣


Repeat after me: 
“I am capable of accomplishing everything
I’ve ever wanted. 
I am capable of thriving.”

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Are you ready to... 

  • Finally leave your 9-5 because your online business is profitable, consistent, and aligned

  • Feel the ripple effect of serving clients with energy and clarity

  • Witness your impact individually and globally

  • Bask in the time and money freedom of entrepreneurship

  • Transform vision and ideas into concrete action and impact

  • Harness the tools and strategies that fuel authentic and deeply engaging content

  • Build a business from the ground up in less than 4 months

  • Propel your engagement, leads, and sales into a profitable, self-sustaining model

  • Convert leads with grace and from a place of genuine service

  • Sell your brand, product, and program without sacrificing your purpose, philosophy, or mission as a service-based health practitioner

  • Make 10K+ months while working fewer hours, making a massive impact, and bearing witness to epic transformations for your clients (and theirs)

The brilliance is already in you, babe.

My job is to help you see your genius as a concrete, profitable, and impactful tool that you can use to help and serve others with heart, authenticity, and REALNESS. 

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean giving up
who you are.
It means AWAKENING to who you are and
always have been.



Own your mission.⁣ Own your message.⁣ Own your process.⁣
And take f*cking ACTION.⁣

These three pillars (and taking action) are the foundation for embracing your mission and helping the world THRIVE through entrepreneurship. It is the framework I used to turn my passion for serving and coaching into an online empire. This is the exact journey I will take you on in the Rise + Thrive Group Coaching Program.


How We Rise:

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Find out what other health- and heart-focused coaches like you think of the program:

Who I'm Looking For:


  • Action takers who love to hash out their dozens of ideas but struggle to pick one and commit
  • Health practitioners, nurses, doctors, registered dietitians, or anyone in the health industry who feels unfulfilled and trapped and craves a creative and autonomous way to offer their services
  • Fitness coaches prepared to level up their online coaching game and build a personal empire or yoga instructors looking to have a larger impact and spread a message along with their movement
  • Spiritual leaders and coaches looking to pass along their knowledge and wisdom in an effective, comprehensive way 
  • Online coaches who have tried other programs but have been frustrated or disappointed by lack of progress
  • Badass, motivated, and self-proclaimed “chill coaches” who are tired of waking up early and grinding their asses off but seeing almost zero results
  • Anyone with a deep desire to make an impact on the health and wealth of the world but is spinning in circles trying to learn how
  • Service-based humans who are frickin’ ready to find consistency in their income, clarity in their business, and confidence to be an epic entrepreneur


If this is you, repeat after me:


“I am worthy of the life I crave.

I am born to make an impact in this world.

And I won’t wait any longer to dig in and
commit to my life of epic entrepreneurship.”

If that felt SO fucking good and you're ready to jump in then check out some options we've created to help make it happen:

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Here's what you'll get:

  • The 10 Step Process to growing an online business:
    • Easily explained through videos, modules, and actionable homework so you can start and build your business from the ground up!

  • Access to all pre-recorded Bonus Coaching Calls (that’s 7 unique calls hosted by insanely successful entrepreneurs)  

  • Unlimited lifetime access to the course modules so that you can use them along your business journey and come back to any and all updates in the future.

  • Lifetime discounts for 1:1 coaching sessions with Jonnie!

Check out some more client love:

Rise + Thrive has more education and value
than any other coaching course out there.

This is why graduates of this program go on to maintain consistent profitability, can afford to keep investing in their business, and make monumental shifts in their impact as health and wellness entrepreneurs.

Witness the impact of these graduates
RISING into power and THRIVING
in entrepreneurship:

Who Rise + Thrive is For...


  • Health practitioners who want to free themselves from their 9-5 and serve clients on their own terms.

  • Wellness coaches who want to actually make the money to STAY in business, rather than constantly struggling for the next client.

  • Doctors, nurses, or RDs craving a more authentic, creative, and unrestrained practice where they have permission to serve in their mission and philosophy.

  • Fitness, yoga, or nutrition coaches who don’t have a business yet and feel clueless with where to start.

  • Heart-centered humans craving financial freedom while making a massive impact on the health and wellness of others.

  • Teachers, educators, or creators who have no effing clue how to transform their purpose of spreading their knowledge into a profitable, sustainable business.

  • Therapists, healers, or spiritual coaches who are tired of feeling unaligned and conflicted in their attempts to profit off of a healing practice, but know they have to pay their own bills.

  • Anyone with a dream who feels unsupported, undervalued, or shut down when they express their deepest desires to make an impact through entrepreneurship.


Rise + Thrive is a human-centered, judgment-free, inclusive AF container designed to encourage and empower the hell out of you. This program is committed to supporting you from multiple angles, and intentionally structured to hold space for all humans on their path to entrepreneurship.


Now, repeat after me: 

“I deserve empowerment on
my path to entrepreneurship.
I am worthy of building my dream life.
I am ready to rise out of fear and thrive in impact."


Lovely humans, 

You do not have to feel  misaligned, undervalued, and overworked.

You deserve to own your mission, own your message, and own your process.

It’s your time to take action, and I am here to make that path so much easier and more clear.

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What if I don't have a business idea?

Do you have a dream to help others? Do you care about the health of humanity? Do you want to make an impact? That’s all that matters. Period. Rise + Thrive is built for those who have hundreds of idea but no focus, AND for those who have tons of focus but no ideas. Even if you’re scrambled and idealess, if you have a vision to serve and you’re ready to do the work, you should join Rise + Thrive.