Dedicating my life to feeling like I'm thriving has helped me

manifest a life that feels, finally, beyond fucking amazing.

Hello love!

My name is Jonnie Marie Agresta.

I started my online coaching business in 2019- after a long string of working dozens of soul-sucking jobs as an RD and CPT.


With every job I took, I felt myself get further and further away from the way I ACTUALLY wanted my life to look.


But it was "safe" and comfortable...


But not TRULY comfortable... it was more like having a big comfy sweater on, that's actually really fucking itchy.


Like every time you pull it out of your closet, you think it's going to be cute... and then a few hours later, you realize how irritated your skin is and how it is SO FUCKING NOT THE VIBE.


Yeah- that was my life.


I had everything on the "outside"...

a fiance/long term relationship,

multiple degrees in the science field,

a career as a Registered Dietitian,

a strong & lean body...


I was the girl that everyone admired... because it looked like "i had it all together".


But, on the inside, everything felt like a fucking wreck.


I had tons of student loans and credit card debt.

I felt insecure in myself & my physical body, no matter how much I changed it.

And I was busy trying to achieve my way to happiness... while feeling insanely uninspired in my life and unhappy- in all ways.


My struggles manifested as consistent anxiety, massive judgement of myself & others, moodiness, eating disorders, insecurity in relationships.... the list goes on.

I realized that if I wasn’t happy and thriving in my own skin, if I wasn’t connected to my purpose and aligned in a spiritual, whole, and grounded way, I would never truly be happy internally... let alone be successful, in the ways I wanted to be, externally.

So I hired a coach & invested in coaching program after coaching program.

I selected programs and coaches I vibed with, and ones I knew would help me focus not only on launching my business, but on doing the deep, spiritual, and sometimes painful as hell work that I knew was required to catapult me out of fear and into power.


Since then, I have helped
impacted thousands of humans through  my social media following & programs and have helped them become happier, healthier & wealthier.


My life's mission is to help you define what it is that makes you thrive- and help you go all in on achieving it.


My motto is you're either all-in or you're not... so which one are you choosing?

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