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Uncategorized Dec 09, 2022

When you want to improve an area of your life, you can't just expect to focus on that ONE area without looking at your life as a whole.


Let me explain.


Let's say you want to improve your business. You're ready to grow it, start it, re-align it...

Yet- your health kind of feels off.

Your sex life is kind of meh- or completely sucks.

You're craving more friends.

You're not doing much every day but working out, maybe going to dinner once a week, and staying home just working on your business.

When you assess your life- you're like "well, it's not bad... but it's not amazing".

When you look at all of the ways you would want to improve it, you say "well, if I had more money, more clients, and I was speaking on stages, THEN I would feel like it's amazing".

So you keep going about your day, every day, like you've been doing... hoping and waiting for your business to grow SO THAT YOU CAN finally live the life you're meant to live.


Well- here's the thing...

Your waiting is cockblocking your success.

Your lack of excitement for your life is going to be mirrored in your marketing- and even how excited you feel to show up.

You waiting for the invitation to be speaking on stages is delaying your success.

You living a somewhat meh life- where your health feels meh and where you're feeling lonely is bringing you down.

And despite the fact that you are hauling ass in your business- and doing all of the things- it's just not really growing.


The reason?!


It's simple- you're working backwards, love.


You have to live the life you want NOW- as close to it as possible- in order for you to attract that next level.

Create the fucking speaking event (even if it's for free). Go on Bumble BFF to find friends. Interject yourself in communities where you're with like-minded humans. Go on the trip NOW... do the things NOW.

When you feel excited AF- amped AF- when you're THRIVING where you are... you attract better and better things.


Your lack of friends and close relationships or exciting relationships is confirming to you that you don't believe that you deserve to have fulfilling things in your life.

Your lack of "fuck-yes-ness" in terms of your health is causing you to feel small, shy away and just kind of feel meh. Less sexy. Less healthy. Less like YOU!

And your half-assedness when it comes to your life is going to bleed into every area of your business.


Listen- your job (when it comes to succeeding aka manifesting what you desire) is to fully, wholeheartedly, go after whatever it is that you want.

It's to live the life you want.

It's to be so fucking in love with where you are.

It's to fucking THRIVEEEEE in all ways.

While knowing, trusting, believing and being so fucking certain that what you desire is on it's way to you- and going all in on it.


But sitting home, watching netflix, checking off the boxes in your business, ignoring all of the callings that you have for a bigger, more expansive, more fuck-yes-life isn't going to get you where you want.


I was having a convo with someone close to me the other day- and they asked: "how the fuck am I in the same place as I was last year?! I've made SO much more money, I've completely changed my business, I haul ass and show up YET- I'm in the same place as last year. WTF?!"


My response: You may have changed things in your physical world, but fundamentally you're the same person. You hold the same identity. You think the same thoughts. You aren't living your life, fully. You're saying you're grateful... BUT..... You don't celebrate where you're at now. You've been saying you need friends, yet you haven't made any attempt to change that. And your mindset, way of being, thoughts and feelings- are all negative.


P.S. this wasn't a judgement- I work with this person very closely for years now.


So there's the truth, love.

You have to stop waiting.

You have to stop saying "when I have THIS, THEN I'll feel/do X".

You have to look at all areas of your life-  not just one.


And you have to shift any and everything that doesn't fully align with what you desire your life to look like.


Because when you do- your energy will OPEN THE FUCK UP- to all of the good-ness that is waiting for you- aka your manifestations & desires.


So today I challenge you- take an inventory of your life. What needs shifting?? And take action today- and every day- to go fully after it.


You got this.


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