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3 Tips to Improve Your Manifestations

Uncategorized Oct 22, 2021

My goal is to provide you with actionable tips to attract and create a life that you are completely obsessed with; so today we're going to cover manifestation and living a life of passion.


I feel like most people believe manifestation is either something you're good or bad at; or it's something that you have to practice or you don't. 


But the truth is you are always manifesting and you can't possibly mess it up. 


Here are 3 tips to help you truly embody this truth and improve the ease with which you manifest your most expansive life, business, health, and everything in between: 


1: Understand what it means to be always manifesting. 


The thing is: manifestation is not something that you have to intentionally do. 


You don’t have to step away from your daily activities to make it happen; the universe is always responding to your actions, your thoughts, and what you believe is possible for yourself. 


The focus needs to be less on “how do I manifest this?” and more in tune with “what do I believe is possible for myself? What do I want for myself? How am I showing up for myself? And how am I feeling today”. 


Once you understand this concept, you realize that it's just a state of being... 


And your natural state of being, your natural state of thinking, is what's going to get mirrored back to you. 


That means, in order to look at what you’re actually manifesting, you have to look at what’s going on INSIDE.


Take old me for example: 


I used to manifest things in my life that I didn’t actually want because I was unhappy and I was constantly focused on that unhappiness, both internally and externally. 


That was my natural state of being and that was what I was manifesting back into my life. Even though I never consciously said, “I want shit to be hard”, that's what I was doing because my entire focus was on how much everything sucked. 

When we are in that place of negativity, where we’re just focusing on how hard everything is, then that is exactly what is going to get mirrored back to us. That’s all we’ll see and that’s all we’ll attract. 


So, when I talk about manifesting, I am talking about perpetuating your natural state of being.  


Now, my question to you is this: What is your natural thought pattern? 


About yourself, about your body, about the things you eat, about how happy you are? 


Because happiness is a choice! 


Going after what you want is a choice. All of it is a choice. 


And if you can choose a hard life then you can choose an easier life; and when I say that I'm not saying that life isn't going to be hard but, if the way in which you naturally think is more positive, it becomes easier to open yourself to the reality of being happier, healthier and wealthier. 


Securing confidence in your manifestations comes down to one thing and that’s getting clear with what you DO want. 


Some people are scared to get clear on what they want because they've let themselves down or they feel like they’re goals are unreachable. 


But the more you focus on what it would feel like for you to obtain what you are manifesting, what it would feel like to reach your goal, and the more often you envision what this reality feels, looks, and tastes like, the more you attach yourself to that goal and the more you will believe that it's possible. 


And this one shift will finally surround you with the thoughts and actions that will enable you to create the reality you desire.


Which brings me to my next tip.


2: Your only role in life is to follow what makes you happy.


It should be your main focus. 


When I talk about manifesting a happier life, I'm talking about getting clear on what's going to make you happy and allowing those good feelings to add up. This will shift your natural state of thinking to what's going to make you happy instead of staying focused on what currently makes you unhappy. 


Getting clear on what makes you feel good, embracing that feeling, and making that your priority is very important for manifesting your new reality.


Take the time every day to get clear on what you want - have it be fun. Like any practice, if it feels like a chore it's not going to feel good, and this should feel exciting! Bring positive energy to your manifestations so that same energy can be what builds your new reality. 


And this brings me to my final tip: 


3: Your only role in manifesting is to think thoughts and take actions that align with what you want… that’s it.


I'm not saying to ignore your current reality but to, instead, be clear on where you want to go, act consistently out of where you're going, and start living in that reality as a means to help you call it into the present moment. 


My love, nobody else is going to do it for you. Nobody can feed you happiness. Which means that you have to believe that you are capable of doing it for yourself. 


Manifesting requires an intentional, consistent shift in your self-talk. You have to shift it continuously so that your natural state of being becomes “I'm fucking amazing!” always. 


Whatever negativity you hold onto - let it go. It is not serving you. And then start focusing on what you actually want.


If you get stuck in a negative way of thinking and you are unhappy, it’s going to be really hard to feel like you can let it go, but you can do it! You can do whatever it is that you desire. No matter how many times you’ve tried or how many times it hasn’t happened - you have to believe that you haven't messed anything up and that each attempt is just an opportunity to learn how to do it easier the next time. 


You don't need to worry, just focus on taking the action that aligns with where you actually want to go now. 


If you need further support on making this shift over and over again, find me here > @jonnieagresta < and find the full training that this blog is based on in podcast form here: the Just Keep Thriving Podcast - Episode 88: Manifesting, Always


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