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4 Tips to Manifest Ease When Sh*t Feels Hard - Part 1

Uncategorized Nov 06, 2021

If you already know me, you know I'm here to help you guys find a different level of ease in your life and manifest some epic shit.


I've talked about manifestation a lot.


[If you’re new, WELCOME!]


No matter what - I invite you into this concept, continuously, whether it's new or something that you have been practicing and working on on your own.


Because It. Has. Massively. Changed. My. life.


AND today, we're going to be covering 2 of my 4 tips on how to manifest EASE when shit feels hard.


Because…It's gonna happen.


News flash - you are not going to get to a place where things are always easy and you never have to worry about anything -You want to change and grow, right?


When somebody says,” manifesting ease”, most people assume that means “everything's just gonna be easy alllllll the time.”  


No, my love, the key is learning how to stay in that manifestation energy, even when shit hits the fan…because it will!


Some epic things have STILL happened to me and every other successful business owner I know when we were in the shit!


It’s because we were able to stay in that manifestation energy through knowing and trusting that:


  •   the choice to not worry is always there,


  •   the choice to not focus on the shit is always there,


  •   and we can continuously make those choices in order to manifest the lives that we want through focusing on and attracting only the positive.


Read below for my first 2 tips on how to manifest ease, even when shit feels hard:


Tip 1: Feel The Shit Don’t Stay In It


Feel the shit, sit in the shit, but don't go put your face in this shit!


We don't stay in a place of:


“Poor me. I can't believe I'm fucking here. I'm the fucking victim. Everything is happening to me, life is so fucking unfair.”


Don't go call your grandma and your best friend and talk about how miserable it is all week…


Acknowledge how it feels, just don't stay there too long.


Because, when we talk about manifesting something different or manifesting something easier or manifesting something happier THE GOAL IS:


To be able to switch your emotional state and close negative energetic loops so that you can stay open to all of the possibilities that are there for you.


When you do this Magic. Fucking. Happens. because you manifest what you focus on and truly believe. 


If you focus on the shit, if you believe all you can have is shit…you manifest shit.


In order to close out these emotional loops, you have to start by looking inward and figuring out first.. “What AM I thinking about? What DO I believe? What ARE my loops?” 


Here’s how you do that:  


Tip 2: Find out what your normal thought process is [and be open with yourself].


Be honest with yourself [but not hurtful].


Sometimes we just have to take a step back and say:


>>> I'm getting comfortable complaining about this right now.

>>> I'm getting comfortable playing the victim right now.

>>> I'm getting comfortable saying how unfair life is.


Then ask:


>>> What is this thought doing for me?


And, if it's not creating something that you want, then you have to switch that way of thinking; which means that we have to acknowledge that there's a part of us that likes complaining.


It's human nature.


I cannot tell you enough that this was the biggest, biggest, biggest shift that I made.


I had to start asking myself:


"What is my role in creating this shitty situation?"


And, instead of looking at it as if “It's so shitty and I suck and bla bla bla, I shouldn't be feeling this, I can't believe I'm feeling this, Ah!!!”


I started to simply acknowledge the feeling and then move through it. 


It was so important to take those habitual thought patterns and shift them.


You can begin to do this for yourself by getting really clear on the automatic thoughts that pop into your head when things aren’t perfect. Get really honest!


Write them all down, as they come up, and then answer these questions to weigh the pros and cons of continuing those lines of thought… Ask yourself:


  • If I keep on thinking this way, what am I going to create in my reality? 

  • What am I really attracting?

  • How does it make me feel about myself?

  • How does it make me feel about everything else - business, relationships, etc? 


And if you don’t like your answers then it’s time to say “fuck this!”


What you get to focus on now is what you want to create.


You get to get really clear on what thriving actually looks like for you and then remind yourself of what you DO want every single day.


And, while you’re getting clear on where you want to go, envision the path to get there being easy. Envision yourself happy, aligned, and thriving along your journey.


And then watch the magic fucking happen.


Watch all of these possibilities open up because energetically, you are open.


+ You've made decisions to feel more open. 


+ You've made decisions to feel happier. 


+ You've taken care of yourself more.


+ You're not dwelling on the shit so you're no longer creating more of it.


Once you envision your dream reality, you're already on your way to it.


And I know it may be really difficult for you to think this way… 


It's so hard to ingrain in us after we have lived so much of our lives in this place of lack, negativity, and bad things fucking happening,


I get it.


So, if you find yourself having resistance to this shift, start by saying, “Ok, I know it's gonna get better but right now, it's just not, and that’s ok. I get to be happy, take care of myself, and love myself exactly where I am.”


It’s ok to say, “This is fucking hard and I wish this wasn't the thing but it is and I know it's okay. I know I'll find a way out and I know that the universe is guiding me and I'm here for some reason.”


But you cannot focus on, “why am I here?”


You get to focus on, "I am here. I get to enjoy it AND grow to somewhere else." 


And this is the way to undo that counterintuitive conditioning.


Now, you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to staying in that energy of manifestation, no matter what. You are well on your way to having the skills and tools you need to come back into this place of positivity and thriving, even when life gets crazy. 


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Find this full training in podcast form here >> Episode 93: the Just Keep Thriving Podcast. 


And stay tuned for the next two tips on how to manifest ease when shit feels hard coming to you soon! 


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