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5 Steps to Manifest More Easily

Uncategorized Jul 26, 2021

When it comes to manifestation, what I know to be true about it [and my own process] is this:


Manifestation is ultimately about getting into a place where you REALLY trust that your desires are coming to you - no matter how crazy they may seem. 


It’s about getting into a place of creating a life based off of those expansive desires - a place of going all in and having those desires actually become attracted to you in a way that things don't always have to feel so fucking difficult.


So, if you’re familiar with manifestation - welcome back!


And if you’re brand new - WELCOME… this shit will change your life just like it did mine and countless others! 


In this blog post, I’m going to give you the 5 most important steps to focus on in order to get into the place I just described -- 


and I’ll tell you how being there allowed me to manifest a multiple 6-figure life coaching business that supports me in hosting multiple epic, international retreats that clients pay me tens of thousands of dollars to go to. 


So, let’s get to it!! 



1. Get really clear on what it is that you actually want.



I know you've probably heard this a million times before, if you're familiar with manifestation, but getting clear is truly so, so important! 


If all of the stars aligned and you could have every single thing you desire, no matter how big or small… 


  • What would you want? 
    • In all areas - in your business, with money, with your health, with your relationships, with your lifestyle, with your body... whatever it is.
  • What would life look like?
    • Write it out and don’t hold back!


I always ask my clients to go through these questions as if they were in a completely uncensored, non-judgemental place.


Here’s what I mean:  

2.5 years ago, I had a meal prep business based in New York, and I was out one day after work drinking margaritas with a friend.


This friend had been practicing manifestation consciously for a very long time and, drunk, we decided we would just start speaking into existence what we actually wanted to happen. 


I looked at him and said, “Wouldn't it be fucking epic if people paid us thousands, or 10s of thousands, of dollars to go on a retreat with us???” 


At that time, I think I said I would take them to Costa Rica and I would teach them how to get healthier and do all this epic stuff with them there and he's like, “Yeah that would be epic!” 


> I had no idea how to host retreats.

> I didn’t even know anyone that hosted them.

> I just knew how powerful they were and that I wanted to make them available to others. 


If I was operating from a censored (sober) place I would have thought I was CRAZY.


“There’s no way you can make that happen, you don’t know how…”

“Who’s going to pay you that much money?!?”

“It’s probably way too difficult to build a retreat in a gorgeous destination location…” 


But, instead, I just said what I wanted with no judgement, fear, or worry.


And, from that day on, I got really clear on the fact that I wanted retreats. 

That I wanted clients to pay me at least thousands to 10s of thousands of dollars. 

That I wanted to help people be healthier and happier. 


And it fucking came true!


Right now, as I’m writing this blog, I have already hosted one incredible and powerful retreat in the gorgeous mountains of Breckenridge, Colorado and in 3 days I will be hosting my 2nd retreat on the beaches of Tulum, Mexico....




Now, as a disclaimer, I am not advocating that you go out and get hammered (I don’t even drink anymore), I’m just saying to be honest and open about your truest, deepest desires - as if you’re intoxicated on life and anything is possible. 


2. Understand that once you see it and desire it, all you have to do is keep taking steps toward it - no matter how small.



Your job is to just keep going.

Just keep working.

Just keep creating the things that you want to create.

Just keep taking the inspired action while you’re in the place between where you were and where you’re going.


The destination of your journey doesn’t have to be visible in order for it to be there.


Lean into the trust that it is there! It is coming! It is adding up! 


But it does NOT have to add up perfectly. 


I think that's where people really get caught is that they think to themselves, “but it doesn't look like it's happening... or I don't have the exact plan of how it is going to happen…” 


And it keeps them from doing anything at all. 


But the truth is - how it ultimately happens is not fully up to us.


Our job is to envision it, see it, desire it, and then just keep going - keep doing the things that you know to do at that time - and you will get there. 



3. Maintain belief, even when it doesn't look like it's coming. 



  • There's absolutely no need to worry. 

  • There is no need to precisely plan everything.

  • It's going to happen, just keep going WHILE staying in a place of absolute trust and belief. 


Your job is to follow the inspired action, to show up for yourself every single day, to feel good, to do the things that you know to do at this time even if you don't even see it adding up. 


It is adding up. 


It is adding up. 


When you focus on thoughts like, “oh it hasn't happened yet” or “how is this going to happen” or “it's not adding up NOW so I should either give up or work harder”, you miss the fact that it's actually coming really soon. 


You miss the fact that it is actually going to happen.


And that causes you to struggle - to struggle when you don't need to - to shit on yourself when you don't need to - to get down on yourself when you don't need to. 


And that’s when you stop taking the inspired action, stop feeling good about the work you have done, and stop feeling like your desires are meant for you - because you’re so focused on where you are NOT yet. 


That day when I got drunk on margaritas with my friend - we were just talking about things we wanted but - I could have never known how I was going to make it happen. 


I could have never known, at that time, that I was going to transition from the owner of a meal prep service to a health coach to a business coach to a life coach that hosted retreats... 


I was just a personal trainer and a Registered Dietitian trying to make a difference - I had nothing that I needed at that moment: No clients, no courses, no programs, no plans.


Just a desire and a whole lot of trust. 


And it happened. 



4. Stay open to the outcome and the timeframe. 



HEADS UP: The specifics are so going to shift.


The specifics of the how,

Of the location, 

Of the people involved,

Of the plan and steps you take…


Might shift significantly - and they might not, it just really depends - but there’s honestly no way to know.


What I do know is this -- 

If you’re so caught up in the way it “should” be you will close yourself off to opportunities.


New people, tools, resources, information, and so much more are available to you daily but if your mind is stuck on only one possible path then those resources will pass by you.


The first path is not always the fastest, the easiest, or the best.


So make sure to keep your eyes and your heart open to other options. 


5. Tap into the deeper feelings that your desires bring you.



What are the deeper feelings that come up for you when you think about accomplishing all of your desires? 


For example - if you want abs… why? What will they bring you?


For me, when I have them, I have an internal feeling of lightness, I feel stronger, faster, more comfortable in my clothes.


It’s not just about how I look in a bikini. << That’s the superficial stuff.


It’s about how I feel in my body. 


So think about your life goals.

>>> What feelings will they bring you?
>>> What opportunities? 
>>> What changes? 

Now feel how much more connected you are to these feelings and changes as compared to the superficial desire.


It’s this connection that will help keep you motivated, even when you want to give up.

That will help you trust that it is all adding up.

That will be your driving force on the days you feel the struggle. 


And this, my love, is how you manifest easier.


Now, make sure to take these steps and apply them to your current journey! 


Start by getting clear, believing in yourself and the creative force of the universe, and feeling the feelings.


Everything you desire is on it’s way.


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