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5 Tips to Build Self Confidence

Uncategorized May 31, 2021

So many people tell me they are attracted to my level of confidence, and it’s a big reason why my clients end up working with me.

But I wasn’t always this way.

I struggled a lot of my life with worrying about what other people thought of me, and not liking myself.. Here are five things I did and worked through (and that you can use, too!) to get to the level of self confidence and love that I’m at today. 

  1. Realize your power. 

Realize the power that you have in cultivating the reality you desire and figure out what you are giving power to.

Realize the power you have in the fact that you can manifest, cultivate and create
anything that you want! 

Understand your innate power, and know that power isn't something that someone gives you or that you get. We are all born with that power.

And make sure you are giving that power to yourself and no one or nothing else. 

The sooner you realize it, embrace it, and begin to harness it, and the sooner you stop feeding into the idea that you
don't have power over your life, the sooner you will get way further, way quicker.

And I understand that it might be hard - other people might be more privileged than you are in a lot of different ways or have an easier time doing the things you want to do - but that doesn't mean you can't overcome the obstacles that are in your way. 


  1. Look at where you are projecting in your life.

Everything in the world is a mirror.

Every struggle that we have mirrors back to us what we are struggling with internally.

So, if you look internally, every time you feel something negative about somebody else, or something negative about your business or something negative about your health, you can discover where you are feeling that negativity within yourself.
We find things wrong in other people that we actually feel are wrong within ourselves, or that we desire to shift within ourselves - because it's easier to project that onto other people.

By looking internally and shifting something within yourself, you no longer give power to that negativity.

When we think of the world in this way, by looking at our projections, we get to take our power back. We can ask ourselves,
what am I actually feeling about this? How do I really want to handle this situation? - Instead of just acting on emotion.

  1. Connect with your intuition and follow your gut. 

I truly believe that all of us have a connection to our intuition.

And our intuition is always, always always right.

Because of this, it’s really important to stop looking for answers outside of yourself, whether it is in starting your own business, starting a new workout, whether it is leaving a relationship, shifting a relationship - any of it.

You always know what's right, and what you truly desire. And when you can trust that feeling, you get to where you want more confidently.

Everybody has their own perspective and interpretation of things. Yours is the only one that matters for your life.


  1. Ask yourself, “Where am I holding myself back?”


When you are not feeling confident, when you are struggling to love yourself, ask yourself this question.

Holding yourself back could manifest in the amount of self belief you have and in how strongly you
truly believe you can actually get to the goals that you want. It can present as not showing up in certain areas, procrastinating, projecting, shitting on yourself and feeling really crappy about your circumstances and feeling shameful.

  • Where are those beliefs coming from?

  • Where and what are you giving power to?

  • Where are you holding yourself back?

When you can wholeheartedly answer these questions, and you can wholeheartedly ask yourself and be real with yourself, you will learn lessons - and therefore get to the answer and the solution way quicker.

Fear is a real thing.

Fear holds us back all the time.

Fear is the number one reason why we always feel held back in a certain way.

So, just getting real with yourself and accepting that you’re scared of something and that’s why you are holding yourself back from it.

Acknowledging that fear rather than pushing it down gives a voice to that part of yourself that is scared, gives a voice to the part of yourself that feels shitty about the situation or whatever it is.

By giving it a voice, you are releasing it. If you're just resisting the fear, it will still be there. But when you release it and you cry it out, and you acknowledge it and you talk it out with yourself or somebody else who you trust, then things get better because it's no longer being expanded within your subconscious.

If you're resisting something, and it's expanding, that's what's going to create your reality. So you have to acknowledge those feelings.

So again, ask yourself, where are you holding yourself back?


  1. Look at your habits. 


This may seem so simple - but taking responsibility for things becomes really challenging when we have to look at the things that we don't like about ourselves, or habits that we are shameful of.

But, if we can look at those habits objectively, and not make them mean anything or shit on ourselves because of them, we can take a step back and figure out what we need to do to adjust them to align with our goals.

>>> Your habits don't mean that you suck.

You can't possibly suck.

>>> Things might suck around you, but you don't suck as a human.

Even the parts of you that might not be so good to yourself, or the parts of yourself that might not be good to other people - it’s all part of being a human

So pay attention to your habits, and pay attention to how they make you feel.

The key to being more self confident is realizing that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH
THE WAY THAT YOU ARE. And we have the power to stop comparing ourselves
to this abstract ideal version of ourselves that we think we “should” have been
in order to be good enough.


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