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Happiness isn't found in success

Uncategorized Nov 16, 2022

Overachieving, overworking and constantly needing to achieve better & better goals can be either insanely empowering and fulfilling... OR it can lead to a consistent need for "more" in order to feel happy.


For most humans in 2022, it's the latter....


And I know for me it was the latter for about 26 years of my life.


I was stuck in a cycle of being a straight A student, top of my class in orchestra/band, getting two degrees at once, being leaner and the strongest woman at the gym...


And regardless of what I achieved I was NEVER satisfied.


In fact, it constantly led me down spirals of needing to reach a new level to be happy...

Only receiving love from others when I had something to brag about...

And honestly, it was fucking exhausting.


Fast forward through the past 4 or so years, I'm in a COMPLETELY different place.


Yes I have massive money goals, health goals and life goals... but they do not come from a place of NEEDING to achieve it to be happy.


Instead, it comes from a place of genuinely being absolutely in love with myself, my life, my gifts and my existence...


And guess what.... NOW?!?!?! The success flows SO MUCH EASIER.


The ironic thing is- when you don't need anything external to feel "enough", you actually receive all of the success you wanted in the first place...


Except now it comes from a place of wholeness, love and pure bliss...


So how did I get here??


Well, it's definitely not an overnight transformation and YES this is obvs one of the main transformations I provide to my clients...


But let's break it down so you can leave with something tangible and helpful.


1- Acknowledge that there's a weird dynamic going on between you, your happiness and your need for success/perfection/achieving.


Acknowledgement is the first step.


2- Dig deep into your cycle of  needing to achieve.


Look at:

  • why do you feel like you need to do this
  • where did this cycle stem from?
  • when did it start
  • how is it serving you? is it giving you a false sense of happiness, love, an external sense of perfection....


3- Get real with yourself- what part of you is addicted to this cycle?


Perhaps this is ALWAYS how you've been.

Perhaps your family ONLY shows you love when you achieve something- and so you're not sure how to feel TRUE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, so this is what you search for.


I know it seems crazy... like why wouldn't you want to receive unconditional love for just existing in the world...

But remember- this is a learned behavior. And we get addicted to ways of being even if they don't really TRULY serve our highest good.


4- Start to notice your cycles, actions and thought patterns around this. The more aware you are and the more often you notice your behaviors, the easier it will be to heal.


5- Lastly, spend time free writing about this topic. Perhaps go back to the earliest memory you have about achieving and success...

Write what that smaller version of you went through.

What he/she felt.

How this pattern continued through your life.


Keep in mind this doesn't need to be done all in one sitting... healing is an ongoing process.


I'd love to hear how this blog post served you and if you feel called to share anything, or ask any questions, I am here for you!


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<3 Jonnie Marie


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