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How to create real change in your life

Uncategorized Nov 30, 2022

How many times do we stop ourselves from moving forward in a way we KNOW we are meant to go, just because we are scared of the path??

Or because we feel like we “should” be there already??

Or because we see other people do it- and wonder “is there even space for me to do it too?? Will anyone even care?!”

That’s how I felt a few years back when I started my online business…
And when I started the Spiritual AF podcast…
And when I pivoted my business into a more life-coaching/manifestation/spiritual brand…

Today I received the update about how much my podcast has grown in 2022-> and it grew over 320%…

Fucking 320%!!!!!!

It’s listened to in 14 countries and countless people choose me as their top 10 podcast. And some even choose me as their top podcast, overall!

Yupp- tiny 5’2” Jonnie- with less than 2k followers has a MASSIVE impact in the world.
I speak into my $30 microphone, multiple times a week…
Share my teachings…
Often there’s construction going on in the back…
Or I’m recording while I’m on a walk…

It’s the most “unprofessional” thing… yet it helps SO many people.

And it’s also my fav platform to share on- so if you’re not listening to it, you’re 100% missing out.

But moral of the story is- you’re never too late, you’re not too small, you’re not too unprofessional, you don’t need millions of followers, and you don’t need to be anybody but you.

In this world.
In your business.
In your relationships.
In your life.

And ANYTHING that keeps you from feeling powerful should have NO room in your life.

Because the truth is- you KNOW what path you’re meant to be on.
You KNOW the desires that are deep down in your heart.
You KNOW what type of life you’re meant for...

And absolutely nobody is sitting here saying “she’s stupid for starting a podcast” or “fuck her- I’m gonna go listen to someone else who has more followers”…

Or “how dare she start her journey over… what a loser”…

Except for you.

You are the only thing standing in the way of the dream life you know you’re meant to live.
The impact you’re meant to have on this world or in your field. The body you’re meant to thrive in.

Allow yourself to expand.
Allow yourself to grow.
Push yourself out of your comfort zone.
Because that’s the only way you’re going to live a life on FIRE… and the life you KNOW you’re meant for.

P.s. the waitlist for my newest manifestation course, Life on Fire, helping you create your dream life will be opening up either today or tomorrow…

It’s not something you’re gonna want to miss if you’re READY (and kinda fucking petrified), but KNOW you’re meant to experience something different in your life.

Stay tuned.

đź’•Jonnie Marie


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