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How to get over your excuses without being an as* to yourself

Uncategorized Jul 26, 2022

So we all have excuses...


I want to do this BUT I don't have the time.

I want to do this BUT I don't have the money.

I want to change this BUT my genetics....

I WISH that I could have THIS type of success BUT...


But, but, but...


In this blog I'm going to teach you my process to remove these "BUT's" and go all-in on what you DO want.


If you want your life to change, keep reading.


Step 1- acknowledge that you've been saying these limiting statements for a really fucking long time. Probably your whole life.


Most people want to jump from having an excuse to immediately taking the action. And while that CAN work, more often than not, it doesn't... unless you do this acknowledgement work.


For most of you, it's become such a natural part of your language and way of thinking, that you don't even question it.

When you speak to your family & friends, it becomes something you share.

When you think of something you want to do/change, it becomes the first thing that pops up.

And whenever you think of why you're not at your goal yet, it becomes the first excuse that makes you feel better... at least temporarily.


You see, the thing is, these "BUT's" and excuses are your body's way of keeping you in the same place and making you feel better about why you're still in the same place.

The body likes comfort.

The mind likes comfort.

Not change.


To change your actions, thoughts & habits takes a conscious effort, daily- and it's an effort your body isn't used to. But it IS possible.


I teach more on how to do this, specifically in your health in Inside-Out.

I also teach health coaches to guide their clients through this in The Academy


2- Acknowledge how this excuse/"BUT" is serving you.


It may just be the fact that you're just so used to it & it's become your new normal... and your body feels uncomfortably comfortable there.


Comfortable in the fact that it's so used to being in the same place.

But uncomfortable in the fact that you really want to experience the world in a different way.


There can also be something massively out of alignment... and you're using this crutch of having an excuse/"BUT" as a way to unconsciously fix your misalignment.


I'll give you an example: When I was younger and I continuously was overworking myself... taking on extra shifts. Studying continuously to be the best. Under-eating and over-exercising, I would get sick at least like once every 2-3 weeks.


I would have massive GI issues. I would end up getting a cold. Extreme exhaustion.


And it was only THEN that I would MAYBE call out of work. Or chill on my studying and allow myself to "just get by" for a change. Or take off of working out.


You see, your body knows what's best for you. It's ALWAYS communicating with you. And when you learn to listen to it, whether it's telling you to slow down or speed up, you get the desire you've always wanted.


And you no longer need to rely on excuses/"BUT's" to give you what you want.


I help you identify this pattern & shift it in your health in Inside-Out.

And I help health coaches help their clients overcome this pattern in The Academy.


3- Acknowledge your discomfort


It's okay to be unhappy with where you are or what you're going through. Most of the world just avoids feeling unhappy/sad/frustrated... until it boils over and you're FORCED to confront it.


But this just makes life way harder... and makes it less likely that you're going to take action on what you DO desire.


Because here's the thing... whether you acknowledge your sadness or not, it's still there. And pretending like it's not there isn't going to help you.


In fact, learning to honor your discomfort will allow you to be more intentional with the actions that you DO take, because you'll be constantly reminded of what you DON'T want in your life... and therefore you can focus on what you DO want to create.


For example:

When I started my online business, I was in such an awful place with my career. I hated it. I was broke. And so uninspired. I FINALLY got real with myself that I fucking hated all of the jobs out there and I hated the fact that I chose to become a dietitian and personal trainer...


And while now, I don't hate those choices... I know they were part of my process of getting me here... at the time, I was super bitter.


Becoming REAL with my bitterness allowed me to constantly remind myself to stop going back to jobs I hated. To stop making choices that led me there. And to go after something else.


Even when I didn't know exactly what that "something else" was going to look like, I was so annoyed with how fucked I felt with my career & schooling, that I was just dedicated to finding a way of being successful as an entrepreneur.


4- Acknowledge what IS taking up your energy & time

You only have SO much energy & time in a day... and literally EVERYTHING you want can get done... And I mean EVERYTHING....

You only get to this point when you feel really fucking good about how you're spending your energy.

But if your energy is being taken up by negativity, self hate, self doubt, etc. etc. then you're more than likely going to feel drained.

If your energy is being taken up by social media, comparisonitis, spending time with people/things that don't light you up and other not-helpful-shit, then you're going to feel massively drained.

More often than not, it's not a lack of time... actually, fuck that, it's never a lack of time. It's ALWAYS a lack of energy.

There's ALWAYS a way to fit in things that you want... but when your energy is being sucked by things that don't make you feel good, it constantly feels like you're in a place where you don't have enough time.


Shifting this paradigm in your life will shift the way you show up for yourself, your health, your business, your relationships...

It's seriously life changing.


5- Be intentional with what you DO take action on & make sure it's the most "bang for your buck"


While all of the previous steps are INSANELY important to getting over your excuses once and for all... this step might be the most important when it comes to actually taking action.


If you're putting in the work... or the time... and you feel like "i'm not seeing the results", it's likely you're not being super intentional with your time.


Here's the thing:

I work 3-5 hours a few times a week in my business- and get a FUCKLOAD done, am constantly creating new courses, new funnels, marketing, calling in new clients, updating old courses...

I've spent 3 hours in the gym some weeks and have seen massive body changes.

I cook simple meals, that also taste really amazing and that get me to my goals.


Life doesn't have to be super fucking complicated.

But it DOES have to be intentional.

Are the actions you're taking giving you more bang for your buck? or are they just checking off the box of "doing something".


In business, being intentional with being in your zone of genius, reaching more leads, serving your clients, and setting up your business & mindset for success are KEY. Anything else, is simply secondary.


In health, being intentional with your workouts means: Strength training.

Okay, that's all on my list of being intentional with your workouts.

Truthfully, if you're strength training PROPERLY, pushing yourself PROPERLY and showing up 3 times a week at a minimum, you'll see changes in your physical body.

Most people waste time doing things like beachbody, orangetheory, running, etc... and if those work for you AMAZINGGGG- but if they don't... and you're showing up consistently... something needs to change. It's really THAT simple.

I've watched client after client continue on workout programs & putting in energy, to only NEVER see results...

Why are you doing things that aren't working and expecting different results?

You have to find a way of working out that works for you... but i've never found a client who showed up for strength training sessions 3x/week who it DIDN'T work for.

It's just the truth...


And last but not least, when it comes to nutrition, there's a few key basics: You need to be eating enough. You need to be eating your veggies. You need to be eating well balanced meals. And once you do THAT, then everything else you do it secondary.


I teach all about this in Inside-Out.

And help health coaches go deeper than just nutrition & fitness in The Academy.



So yeah, you CAN get over your excuses.

But you can't be wasting your time on unaligned shit.

You can't be continuing to put your energy into things that aren't working.

You can't be continuing to avoid your negative emotions until they boil over.

And you can't be ignoring what you TRULY want.


I don't care how many times you've tried before.

How long you've been stuck.

How much of a struggle you're experiencing.

You can get out of this- always.

But you have to start with thinking in different ways. You have to start believing that something else is possible. And you have to start taking action on it, NOW. Even if it's in small ways.


If you're ready to change your health and feel sexy AF from the inside-out, click HERE.

And if you're ready to go deeper with your own health coaching clients, click HERE.


And regardless of if you ever pay me, I'm rooting for you and know that you're so fucking powerful.


<3 Jonnie Marie


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