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Letting Go to Receive More

Uncategorized Aug 27, 2021

Today's blog post is all about letting go to receive: 


Letting go to receive more of what we want. 


Letting go to make space. 


Letting go of what's not serving us anymore and being honest about what will. 


We'll talk about this with life, with business, with all of the things! 


You must let go in order to receive more of what you want.


Read that again - let it settle.


You must let go of what's not serving you anymore. 


You must let go of the “how’s”, the “when’s”, the doubts, and the fears.


You must let go in order to make space for every single one of your desires.


As humans, our normal response is to try to hold on tighter, apply pressure, and obsess over these things instead of letting them go. 


But, like a rubber band, when we apply a lot of pressure, we snap back… hard. 


And it doesn’t have to be the way!!


In all situations - in all aspects of life, health, and business - there are 3 levels of pressure that we can apply:


1. The first - where there's absolutely no tension or resistance on the “band”. 


Where we feel the resistance, it's there, but we’re just gonna fucking ignore it and stay right here. It’s easier, it doesn’t take any effort, and things stay the same. 


A lot of people give up at this point. 

This is how people stay in relationships, stay in jobs, or stay in a situation that doesn’t serve them for years and years.


Because no pressure means no tension which means no danger… and no growth.


 2. The second - where we’re actively pushing forward, into the resistance, in an even way. 


Maybe we push a little bit, maybe we pull back a little bit - in this level we’re using the resistance to feel into a new level of growth and expansion.


This isn’t a static point; it’s one where we are constantly testing boundaries and pushing to the next level without going too hard or sacrificing in other areas. 


Which takes us to...


 3. The third - super high pressure.


A lot of times we just want to just get to the end goal, get to the next level, and just be there already.


This can happen in our business, like when we’re launching a new product or service, 

It can happen in relationships, like when we want to take them to the next level or fix issues,

It can even happen with our bodies, like when we're trying to change the way we’re eating or moving.


But, the truth is that the harder or further you push without actually just sitting with the resistance… the bigger the recoil.


It's like if you’ve ever wanted to change your eating habits and you found yourself having to continuously “restart on Monday”;


And, anytime something happened, your automatic thought would be - “I just want Monday to come again. On Monday, I can be better” 


But then Monday came and you repeated the same patterns...


Then you get even more disappointed because you put so much pressure on making it work on that specific day instead of sitting with what was actually going on and why it wasn’t working, in the first place.  


You put all of the pressure of your success on that one day… 


And then your rubber band snapped.


To the point that, now, you’d almost rather go ahead and give in, get it over with, and accept that you’re not going to make it past Monday so why even try? 


Can you see how this kind of thinking can rebound you into a place that’s even worse than where you started?? 


You didn't need to wait for Monday to come. 


You needed to sit with the resistance you felt toward changing your eating habits and WHY you were waiting for Monday. 


  • Why did you keep restarting? 

  • What was actually going on?

  • What are the blocks going on INSIDE?


Once you're honest with those parts of yourself, those beliefs, where you're at currently, and why... 


You have the choice to just stay where you were at, and like meet that resistance where it is or you have the resistance to pull back and go back to something that's easier something that is a normal 


>>> Only then can you start releasing. 

>>> Only then can you start to do the work. 

>>> Only then can you pray, manifest, and logically work through whatever you want to work through.


And that is the only way you can make space for what you want to actually come into your life.


So, to put this all into action, I want you to think of wherever you're currently at, in any part of your life. 


Whether it’s your health, your business, your relationships, or some other aspect. 


Now think about what’s currently bothering you and what you want to change. 


No, not the superficial thing, like the actual thing.


It's not the fact that you want to lose weight.

It's not the fact that nobody has bought services from your business yet.

It's not the fact that you’re struggling financially. 

It's not the fact that you have strained relationships… 


It's the actual act of what's going on internally. 


The thoughts that you're trying to hide from yourself. 


The place where instead of feeling love, acceptance, and joy


You're feeling doubt, fear, and comparing yourself to others or where you think you “should be”.


It’s THAT part that you need to get real with.


In order to help you do that, check out a few of my free resources here: 


Find an even more in depth version of this discussion in podcast form HERE 


Make sure to download the Just Keep Thriving App for even more topics (available for both Android + iOS)


And, finally, take a second to work through these journal prompts to begin the work we’ve talked about in this blog: 


  1. Where do I want to go, in one or all parts of life? 

  2. What is my end result - it could be a feeling. It could be a specific thing that you want to know or do. 

  3. Where am I right now? 

  4. What are the feelings that I’m experiencing right now? 

  5. How can I sit with them?

  6. How can I give a voice to them?

  7. How can I give power to them?

  8. Now, how can I release them and make space? 


There are so many different practices of actually releasing:


You could run, do yoga, sing, scream, punch a soft pillow, cry, laugh, dance, listen to music, take your dog for a walk, color in a coloring book… whatever feels good and shifts you into a place of positivity without forcing it. 


And that's the key. 


We get to meet ourselves where we are at and then we get to shift it. 

Then we get to invite a new way of being, because now we're able to release it.

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