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Manifesting a new level of impact in my business (my manifestation journey updated)

Uncategorized Sep 15, 2023

Hello beautiful humanssssss.


I'm back with another blog post giving y'all an update about my own manifestation journey.


A few months ago I decided to place my intention on manifesting a new level of impact in my business in the form of VOLUME of humans absorbing my work.


Now, if you've been here for a while, you know that I've built my multiple six figure business while having a small amount of followers, a relatively low amount of clients in various courses (with high ticket pricepoints & repeat customers), and I've been SLOWLY growing my podcast over the past few years.


Well, recently, the podcast EXPLODED and went from just a few thousand listens to almost 12,000 downloads!!!


AND, last week, I had my most VIRAL piece of content on IG circulate...


I mean last year at this time I was getting like a few hundred to MAYBE 1-2000 views on each one of my posts... 


And last week, I had a post almost hit 100k views!!!

(it'll probably go higher, because it's still slowly growing and MASSIVELY being shared).


Now, going viral DOES NOT necessarily mean an increase in sales....


BUT, I've had my messaging consistent on IG for a few months now...

My message of femininity & helping women manifest a masculine man is quite specific...

My audience KNOWS my story...

And is well aware of my course, Feminine and Flow (which was just turned into an ongoing DIY course).


SOOOO the fact that I went viral at this exact time isn't really surprising TBH...


Because the intention has been there.

And the timing just felt RIGHTTTT.


*that's really ALL we need to manifest something, anyway, right??

Intention + readiness = manifesting magicccc*


As a result of this viral post, I've gained a bunchhhh of new, targeted followers.

And all of my views on my reels & content are just slowly growing.

My content is getting shared WAY MORE.

And it just feels amazingggg.


Y'all, I know what it's like to post and barely get any engagement and feel like you're talking to no one...


So I want to give you some tips if you're in that boat.


First off- keep going. I don't care if it's only your mom and yourself who like your post. I don't care if it's been YEARS... Seriously, keep going.


There are going to be days you want to give up.

Days you contemplate if you can even do this.

Days you get wildly jealous of other people's content...


But use all of that as FUEL to know & solidify what you're ready to receive.


Second- focus on getting your message clearer and clearer.


The clearer your message is. The more defined your transformation is. And the more confident you are in what you have to say... andddd the more your audience will pick up on your content and resonate with it.


Third- share your life. As much of it as you want. And use it to teach.


Stop just focusing on selling, selling, selling...

Or even posting for likes or virality...

Post because you have a part of your life and brain you want to share.

Post because you had an inspired thought that relates to something going on in your life AND something that can help your audience (like this post).

Post because you saw someone's reel, loved what they did, and you have your own spin on it.

Post to connect to your audience, get to know them (genuinely) and share your own story/teachings and ask their perspective on it!


I personally LOVEEE showing lessons in real-time because it's a phenomenal way to incorporate your audience, engage them into your life currently AND show your level of embodiment of your teachings...


Remember, people pay you because they see you as some sort of a future version of them.

You mirror back to them what is possible.

You show them what they can achieve.

And you do that by breaking down your current life and sharing your lessons/teachings around it.


Fourth- stop putting so much damn pressure on it.


I know how frustrating it can be... literally, I get it.

You post and want people to see it.

You post because you want people to interact & learn from it.

And right now that might not feel like exactly what you're getting...

But focus on what you DO have.


If it's one like, celebrate that one like.

If it's a deeper level of clarity, celebrate that clarity.

If it's a 10% increase in views and engagement this month, celebrate that.

And even if it's you just FINALLY showing up... celebrate TF out of that.


Y'all, I cant tell you how many entrepreneurs I've coached who GIVE UP because their content doesn't do well.

It triggers TF out of them.

Makes them not feel good enough.

And then they create all of these rules about why they cant make money because they didn't get enough engagement.


Listen, I'm not going to lie and say that it doesn't feel 100000x better to have my content do "well", "hit home for my audience" and consistently bring in traffic to my page...

Or course it does...

I mean I almost let the frustration of content creation stop me from wanting to stay being an entrepreneur during my own hardest season of business... BUT I promise, you WILL overcome this obstacle.

Shit WILL massively take off.

And you'll KNOW when you feel ready for more people to see your content, and have the volume of humans who absorb your work wildly increase...


That's where I'm at in this point of my business.

And it truly feels like a magical place to be.

All of my "ducks are in a row".

My website finally reflects all that I do.

My brain is no longer a scattered wreck, stressing about the fact that I don't know how to put everything I do into efficient words.

My content creation (on all platforms) is strategic, consistent and growing beautifully.

And I feel "settled" after a long, confusing up-rooting season of "wtf do I do, how do I do it, and what do I want to be known for?!"



So throughout all of this, my message to you is SIMPLE:

Let your work flow through you.

Let your teachings flow through you.

Let the world see your brilliance and absorb your impact.


You're HERE for this massive impact... and the income will follow.


Be strategic. Learn. Grow. And never stop.


One day soon, you'll be looking back on this day, remember how you read this blog and say "I'm so glad I fucking kept going!".



Now, Off to creating content you go...


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Jonnie Marie






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