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It's pretty simple...

Uncategorized Nov 28, 2022

It’s kind of simple…

You’re either living the life you want or you’re not.

Before writing this, Part of me was questioning: “but isn’t there an in-between?? What about the time in-between wanting something different and actually seeing it manifest in your physical world?”

But the truth is-> you can be living the life you want NOW… even before you have more money, or feel more comfortable in a sports bra, or before you have your best group of girl friends or before you have your new car…

What do I mean by this???

Let’s say you need more money to pay off debt, travel the world first class and stay in the best hotels…

I get that. Valid.

But are you doing any travel at all?
Are you searching for deals on flights?
Are you applying to competitions where you could win a first class experience?

If the answer is no, then, my love, you’re not doing your part to utilize every option available to you to make it happen.

Aka you’re cock-blocking your manifestations.

Let’s do another one->

Let’s say you’re manifesting a new group of best girl friends… and right now you kind of have none that fit exactly what you want.

Are you joining communities where you might meet them?
Are you reaching out to people who might fit what you’re looking for?
Are you nurturing the relationships you have now?
Are you even leaving the damn house to explore places you might meet them??

Yoga studios… events… etc?

If not, you’re cock-blocking your manifestation.

And lastly, let’s say you’re not in perfect health yet.
Your stomach feels jiggly, your pants don’t really fit, you just overall kind of feel meh in your body.

The truth is, if you’re doing the things, showing up for your health and love the way you’re treating your body, then you know you’re already on your way to living the dream body and health you want. And every day, you feel a difference… and you feel that momentum transform you.

But if you’re not- and you’re struggling with emotional eating, bingeing, cheat days, starving yourself… just hoping that the next week is going to be better…

Well, there’s some clearing work you need to do.

Clearing of ways of being, of emotional shit, of a feeling of un-worthinesses that are all preventing you from treating your body the way you want.

So sure, there might be an in-between stage before your manifestation comes true…

But ultimately living the life you desire, NOW, or as close as possible IS the way you manifest those bigger things- and ultimately your dream life.

You see, where most people fuck up their manifestation & success process is they wait…

They wait until they have more money to travel the world… and that time usually never comes. At least not in the near future.

They wait until they have the leaner stomach to wear the sports bra, eat better, go on more walks… but that time usually never comes- and I’ve seen client after client stay in the same patterns over and over again… just waiting until things get better to love themselves, feel more confident, wear the sports bra…

And In the meantime they stay at home second guessing themselves & what’s possible.
Feeling down about themselves or their life.

So how do you overcome this?

The process is the same, no matter what you’re manifesting.

1- understand the manifestation & co-creation process that happens with the universe. Understand the way energy works and why you are attracting the things that you are.

2- unlearn all of the ways of being that are preventing you from living your dream life. This includes your thoughts, your beliefs, your actions, what you believe is possible for you….

3- clear… clear all of the shit keeping you small. Do your healing work. Don’t be scared of looking at your deepest thoughts, struggles, beliefs… and where they came from. That’s where the magic happens.

4-embody-> show up AS that ideal version of you. As the person who travels the world, who has the successful business, who has the body of their dreams… that’s where this process all comes together.

And finally-> if you’re ready to overhaul any or all areas of your life that feel misaligned, stay tuned because I’m launching a course in a few weeks called Life On Fire- and it will take you through this exact process so you can finally live a fully fuck-yes life.

The wait-list will be opening in a few days.

Get ready

And cheers to living a life where you’re deeply thriving- in all ways.


<3 Jonnie Marie


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