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No one ever became a millionaire by not struggling...

Uncategorized Dec 05, 2022

There’s a difference between stepping back in your journey because something feels out of alignment and stepping back because it feels hard or you’re judging where you are.

99% of the time when I see clients give up or step back, it’s because they’re simply judging their progress.

They think they should be somewhere else.
They think that they should have been more successful by now.
Or that they should have had it easier by now.

Listen- no one’s journey is easy.

No one’s.

No one ever became a millionaire by not struggling.
No one ever got into the best shape of their life by not struggling.
No one ever changed the world by having things just handed to them.

Everyone fought… at some point in their journey.

And you are no different.

So stop judging your journey- and embrace it. The hardest fucking times. The most beautiful times. It’s ALL part of your growth to get where you want.

BUT- if things just feel WRONG.
Like wrong in your body.
You keep getting this intuitive hit that THIS is not it.
Or if you’re burnt out.
Or overworked.
Or misaligned in some way-> THAT'S grounds to stop. Step back. Reassess.

You see, there’s a difference between feeling like “shit this feels completely wrong, let me step back” and “shit this feels harder than I thought, but I know this is my path”.

One feels right but scary AF- and sometimes you feel like a fucking nut-case.

And the other feels just a full body fuck no.

Learn to listen to the difference within your body.
And you will master success.

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