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Stop doing what's misaligned & expecting it to work

Uncategorized Dec 05, 2022

When you’re not satisfied with the quality of what you’re doing and you don’t feel aligned with it, you constantly feel like you have to do more. You constantly feel like you're not enough... and like you should be better.




It's not that you 'have to be better' or 'change yourself' for the job/person/life/world/society...


And when you're an overachiever- like me- you are dedicated to always making it work..


But what if it's not about making anything work...

or making anything fit into a mold of what you oshould be doing...

and its about fucking FREEING YOURSELF?!

Choosing your own path?!

Creating a life that allows you to be fucking you?!


Because you know what?! When you DO?! You don't feel like you need to do more- or be somebody else- or keep overworking... because THINGS JUST END UP WORKING OUT FOR YOU.


Let's get into this some more....

When you’re misaligned with the actions you’re taking, you constantly worry about if they’re enough…

You’re asking for approval from others.
If you don’t get that external validation you worry that it wasn’t good enough.
And when it comes to following through with succeeding and manifesting what you desire, you fall short.

Because the entire time you were taking the action, you knew it wasn’t fully aligned. It wasn’t fully YOU. And so you struggled to feel like it was good enough.

And when you don’t feel like the actions you take are good enough, you don’t believe you’ve done enough to achieve what you desire. And you think you just need to do more.

I might be repetitively rambling right now- but maybe that’s what you need. I mean clearly, if you’re here, you’re meant to read this.

Let’s Take content creation for example.

As an entrepreneur who runs her business solely from social media marketing, Content is one of the main focuses of my business…

Next to creating epic courses that change my clients’ lives & continuing to learn so I can be a better coach…

But when my marketing isn’t doing the best- aka it gets 3 likes and 40 views, i have a kind of obsession with checking in on it…

The thoughts are “was this good enough?!”
“I guess it should have been like X person’s content”
“I guess no one wants to pay me or likes my work”…

And so my launches end up kind of sucking…

But when my content is doing amazing-> getting thousands of views, likes, comments, shares, follows…. I kind of just post it and forget about it.

And come launch time, my inbox is filled with people interested in paying me…

Many people will read this (or experience this) and say…

Well if your content is doing well, obviously you wouldn’t worry about it, and obviously people will want to pay you.

But the truth is- that’s backwards.

BECAUSE I don’t worry about it and second guess it, it does really well…

And because I’m confident in my actions, my launches go insanely well…

And what makes me so fucking confident in my actions and my content?!

When I’m being fully ME
When I’m saying the things I really want to say
When I’m doing it in a way that feels good for me…

Not one that I’m just doing to get likes.
Or because I’ve seen other people go viral.
Or because I’ve seen coaches in similar niches doing it…

But because it was a fully self-inspired idea that I followed through with, took action on and allowed me to express myself in.

So moral of the story??!

It’s not the actions you take, it’s the energy & intention behind them.

When your energy is confident, connected, in alignment-> the actions you take are amplified.

And it’s well received by others.

And the success you desire follows.

But if your energy is like “well maybe I should just be doing that… or maybe I need to do that too… or trying to be like someone else”, well, you’re going to lie on the side of “I’m not good enough. What I’m doing isn’t good enough. And there’s no way I’m getting to my goal.”

So you may end up overworking yourself, doing more, and being burnt out because you’re not following your intuition & your energy.

So my question to you today is this:

Where are you doing the things and feel like it’s not working?
What part of that experience doesn’t feel true for you- like YOU want to be doing it?
And how can you shift it to something that YOU feel called to do or that highlights who you are???

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