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I've taken the past week off... Life on Fire update

Hello beautiessss,,


I'm excited to be back in (almost) full-work-swing.


I've been in New York for the past few days visiting family, and so I just have not had much time or energy to spend working.


My trip was completely last minute because we did have a death in the family... so it's been quite the ride.


Just a few years ago, when I would take off, I would feel like "I was falling behind"...

Like I "should be doing something else"...

Or squeezing in a work sess...


And the narrative of:

well, you work from your phone, so you could just work in the car or in-between seeing family members... would always come up.


And honestly, for the first few years of my business I DID work every chance that I could...

And truthfully, that was my way of being for all of my life.


I worked every holiday since one of my first jobs at a bakery (when I was 15).

I would study every holiday... or rush home to study when I was a student.

And of course, to "prove myself", I continued to follow this path when I became an entrepreneur.


How did this serve me???


Well, sure, I made a good amount of money...


But my business and overall life came to a point where I realized that I. COULD. NOT. RUN. MY LIFE. LIKE. THIS. ANYMORE.


<<And that's when I entered my manifestation and spiritual journey>>


**This was the Universe showing me another, easier, route to success**


I soon realized that the burnt out, exhausted, overworked version of me WAS NOT THE BEST VERSION OF MYSELF.




Because the key to understanding how we attract and manifest things into our life is about understanding your own energy.


And when you're burnt out.

Constantly on the go.




You attract more hectic-ness...

More problems to fix...

More exhaustion...

and everything in your physical world just feels hard.


You end up taking action that feels "busy" instead of intentional... and it's an unnecessary way to live.


Life (and success) gets to be MUCH EASIER, as I've found out.


So, to prove it to you, let me share with you my most recent manifestation update.

(In case you missed it, I've been going through my own manifestation course, Life on Fire... and I've been documenting it in my blog)




1- I haven't listened to any more of the modules, besides the welcome module. And although many people go through that struggle of "omggg I'm falling behind....", I still feel rock-solid with my confidence and knowing everything is all adding up. I don't put pressure on myself. I know some weeks I'll have more space... and others less. I trust my energy and the Universe.


2- I've gained a new level of clarity on my action steps and plan for the next 2 years of my business (yes, I said 2). Manifesting new levels of clarity is an often overlooked part of success... but when you have clarity, you have confidence. And when you have both of those, you can take massive inspired action and move WAY FUCKING FASTER in the physical world.


3- Although I haven't taken much action in the physical world in the form of typical marketing, emails, content and lead generation that I do, I've gotten new leads (in human form) who are perfect for the few available spots in my 1:1 spiritual mentorship program. You see, when we keep ourselves on this "perfect plan" of what we "need to do" in order to succeed, we often miss the easier & more aligned opportunities that the Universe has put in our path.


So, you see, the beautiful thing about manifestation as I teach it in Life on Fire is that you don't NEED to be diligently taking action every single minute of every single day in order to be seeing success and attracting what you desire.


In fact, this week has showed me how taking a step back from being in my business was really the key to massively leaping ahead.


And coming back into work today, even just for a few hours, has allowed me to get SO MUCH DONEEEE.


MY 2 YEAR PLAN FOR MY BUSINESS AND LAUNCHES (now I don't have anything to worry about but executing my plan and it feels AMAZEBALLS)...

I'VE EVEN GOTTEN A FEW RUNS IN THE PAST FEW DAYS AS WELL AS SOME MORNING YOGA SESSIONS (so eventhough I've been eating whatever and I even had a few glasses of wine the other day, my body still feels and looks amazing)...


Moral of the story???


1- Get on the waitlist for the next round of Life on Fire. It's finally up and available HERE.

2- Remember- the Universe hasn't put anything in your path that you can't handle. Everything that is here IS. MEANT. FOR. YOU. and is part of your journey.


So show up and haul ass on the days that you have space to.


And when you don't... trust that the Universe has redirected you for a reason.


P.S. Did you hear?!?!?! The waitlist for the next round of my signature manifestation course, Life on Fire, is now open!!! Get on the waitlist HERE.


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