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The prayer that healed my relationship

Uncategorized Aug 15, 2023

I was out to lunch with a really good friend of mine back in July- and she asked me:

What do you feel like helped you shift your relationship to be so much better???


...and to give you some context, the last time we had seen each other in person my relationship was a complete wreck...

My husband and I were teetering on divorce.

Struggling to show each other love.

I was sleeping on the couch.


>>Yeah... that's how bad it got.


So, her question of "what helped you shift" was 100% valid.


Obviously, the work was more nuanced than this (and that's what I'm teaching in Feminine and Flow), but I remember praying to the Universe and saying:

I'm ready for a wildly supportive relationship.

I want a masculine man who supports me emotionally, physically and monetarily.

I want to feel sexy, free, flowy and feminine.

If this man is meant to be my husband, I am open to it. But if it's meant to be someone different, I trust that you'll bring the most amazing human into my life.


And I kid you not... I felt a HUGE shift in the energy between my husband and I almost IMMEDIATELY.


The resistance I was holding onto...

The control that I was gripping onto...

And the struggle...

It all dissipated.



Now, just because we release things to the Universe, doesn't mean we don't show up for our part... right?!


My part in healing my relationship was to practice being in my feminine energy.

My part was shifting how I approached our relationship.

My part was learning to bring him up and let him lead our relationship.

My part was to heal my relationship with myself.

My part was to let. love. in. (this one is probably the most powerful)


>>All of which I'm teaching you in Feminine and Flow.


But, truthfully, this way of thinking and releasing needs to be in all areas that we are manifesting.


-> Our part is to get clear on the "what":

What we want to feel

What we want to experience

What we want to see in our lives...


We often dont have control over the "who" or the "when"...

Two things that can be insanely challenging for us masculine-dominant women.


So my invitation to you, today is this:

What would it look like if you actually trusted the Universe.

What would it look like if you didn't pray or ask from a controlling state, but it came from a clarity of what you desire to feel and see in your life... knowing that the Universe is going to give you something soooo much more amazing.


>>And today, I can confidently say that my relationship is WAY more amazing than I could have ever "forced" it to be.


So I hope you take inspiration from this in your life.

Use my prayer.

Morph it as you see fit.

And know that the Universe has your back.





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