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The Truth About Money

Uncategorized Apr 17, 2021

If you’re ready to love money,

accept more money into your life,

be unapologetic about the money you have and want, 

and really start to feel good around having, keeping, spending, and saving a fuck ton of money….


Then this blog post is for you! 


Because the truth about money is that you are abso-fucking-lutely worthy of receiving all of it (and as much of it) that you want. 


Your work, right now, is worthy of receiving the amount of money you want.


And there is truly no amount of money that is “too much” for you to desire. 


Now, if you read any of those statements and felt a little sticky icky, you are not alone! 


Most of us have been conditioned to feel bad, uncomfortable, or negative around money. 


And it’s that negative energy that blocks us from asking for more, receiving more, and getting our income to that next level. 


In this post, it’s my intention to share a couple of the common blocks that have come up for me and my clients and how we’ve worked through them. 

Block #1 - Feeling like it’s greedy to want more


A lot of us were made to believe that we were greedy for wanting more money.


Maybe we were told that it was selfish or superficial.


Or maybe we were told that we shouldn’t want more when there are others in the world that are struggling. 


But, the truth is: Money is not good or bad. It's a neutral resource that can make things in life easier.


We can actually use it to help solve problems, we can actually use it for fucking good. 


We can use it to give back to our community, hire and pay team members, or spoil our clients with things like retreats or live events. 


We can use it to support other people who are under privileged in a way that feels good for everyone.


We can use it to take care of ourselves which, in turn, allows us to show up more powerfully for our clients, our friends, and our families. 



Of course we should focus more on bringing in a lot of money. 

Of course we should want the really expensive car and home that can make us feel abundant.

Of course we should want to have the ability to do whatever we want; we should want clients to pay me 1000s of dollars each month; and we should want to have way more than enough in my bank account. 


These allow us the space and energy to do things in our lives and have experiences that make us happier. 


It allows us to give more. 


It allows us to feel safer. 


And that's the goal.



Block #2 - Feelings of resentment towards large amounts of money. 


Resentment towards money can come from many places. 


For me, I've always had this thing where I've felt that when other people didn't have as much as me or if their income wasn’t as consistent as mine that I was responsible for them in some way. 


Responsible to give more to them.


Responsible in a way that, if we were going out to lunch, I would pay for them, even if it was the last 30 bucks in my wallet, because I knew that I had more money coming in and they didn’t.


I was giving huge gifts to people and, while that was great and I love to do that (I love to spoil my clients, I love to give back to my friends and family), I was doing it out of an obligation a lot of times, versus an actual desire to do it…


I would be constantly wondering: 


Do I need to give more money to my family members who struggle? 

Do I need to consistently take care of my partner, who has made less money than me? 

Do I need to increase all of my team's pay because I make more money?


So, then I became resentful about making that amount of money and fearful of how to manage it. 


This resentment caused me to block myself from receiving that money because, subconsciously, my body was like but you don't actually want that because you're just gonna think about ways to give it away and that's not feeling good


Versus me feeling in control of my money, me feeling like I want to donate this amount. I want to give these amounts to other people. I want to take my husband and I on a vacation for this amount.


You see how that has such a different energy behind it?


When we talk about money mindset work, we’re talking about a chance to really look at these places where we may be blocking ourselves, subconsciously, from actually getting what we want because something about the receiving of it feels guilty or resentful.


So, what resentments do you feel toward receiving money? 


Where do you feel that they come from?


How can you shift into something that feels better for you?

Block #3 - The idea that it has to be hard to get money


This is the thought process of, “Oh shit, I have to be working on stuff all the time” 


“I have to put out 73,000,000 pieces of content in order to attract leads.”


“I constantly have to get more certifications.” 


“I have to grind or sacrifice my time/energy in order to get more money.” 


First of all, none of these are true. 


Second, if this is you, it’s important to find out where this belief came from.


Why do you believe this? 


Where, in your life, has somebody told you that?


Maybe you were like me and it was engrained in you throughout school where you had to work your ass off at everything to get perfect grades, even if you didn’t care about the topic or really learn anything from it. 

Whatever it was, those thoughts and feelings no longer apply!

We got into entrepreneurship to decide when we work, how we work, and how much to charge - it's time to start living that life, love! 


Block #4 - Feelings of unworthiness.

aka the worst of them all


These thoughts are insidious and can look a little like this: 


I'm not good enough to ask for thousands of dollars for a program.

I'm not good enough to live in that penthouse apartment. 

I'm not good enough to shop there.

Who am I to have this car, this income, this lifestyle?


But, love, the thing is that YOU ARE EXACTLY GOOD ENOUGH right fucking now to have everything you desire.


It's about you believing that your work is transformative, that you do have the capability to charge 4-5 figures, and that [of course] someone will pay that amount.


We have to understand that we are that person that makes 6 figures, multiple six figures, even millions of dollars right now. 


We are the same person now as the person that makes it happen.


If you desire to go that big then that's you right now. 


And that's how we get more money - we understand that we are the person who has that massive income. We are the person who provides that massive impact.


We get to increase our prices as it feels good for us. 


But you have to start in this place of “I am good enough to increase my prices and not in a place of wait for something to happen or change first”.

So if any of these blocks resonate with you I want you to - or no matter what your block is - first, I invite you to ask yourself why you are feeling that way.


Why are you questioning if people are going to pay your prices?

Why are you questioning whether or not you deserve the money you want?

Why are you questioning yourself?


And then remember, the truth about money is that you having enough money to pay for your shit, having an overflow of money, and having clients that are paying you every single month actually supports the world, because you are going to do good things with it. 

For more like this and to go deeper into this blocks and there resolutions, check out the podcast that inspired this blog here > The Truth About Money on the Just Keep Thriving Podcast < and then jump over to my newest Group Coaching container the Ascension Mini-Mind hosted by myself and the insanely powerful, spiritual, and transformative Shalane Carter (@shalanecarter). 

And don’t forget to DM me @jonnie_agresta with your favorite part of this blog!

See you soon,




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