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What are you choosing?

Uncategorized Nov 28, 2022


Centering your life around what makes you feel amazing- is KEY…

Well it’s KEY only if you actually wanna be happy.

So today I want you to question your actions...

how much time are you sitting around, watching other people live their lives more than you actually live your own?

And yes, I’m talking to myself as well.

How many hours do we spend watching other people live their lives vs living our own?

Whether it’s on social media, TV shows, reality TV, YouTube…

I mean what would your life look like without screens?

Would it look like you going to a job 5 days a week or overworking yourself in your biz… coming home exhausted and then bored on the couch for the rest of the night?

Would you have more time to pour into yourself?
Would you have more energy to give to the food you consume?
The workouts you do/don’t do?
The walks you take??
The impact you leave on this earth???

I mean seriously, just consider how much time you spend LIVING your life…

Doing the things YOU want.
That make YOU feel amazing.

If it’s less than at least 90% (and close to 100%) … then you gotta look at what you’re spending your energy on.

Apparently there’s a book called 4,000 weeks… I haven’t read it but it’s come up for me a few times in the past week.

Thank you universe- I will read it.

But the concept is about how we only live an average of 4,000 weeks if we live until we are 80.

How crazy is that?!

Meanwhile we are here, working jobs we hate, watching screens more than we live our own lives… and are wondering why we aren’t happy…


Because society accepts this as normal.

But it doesn’t have to be OUR normal.

Here’s the thing-> you create your normal.
You create the standards in your life.
You dictate what you want to spend your time on.
You dictate where you work, what you settle for, how much money you have…

And when you are more intentional with your time, thoughts, actions- and set your own standards, your life shifts.

What’s not for your highest good, falls away.
And what IS for your highest good, makes its way to you.

But it’s not gonna happen that way if you keep settling…
If you’re not willing to look at your shit…
If you keep accepting your internal struggles as acceptable…
If you’re not willing to take the leap and follow your heart.

Follow the life you know you’re meant to live.

So my question to you today is: what type of life are you living? Is any of it even 100%?? Is your soul fulfilled??

Do you feel like your life is on FIRE in the best, most magnetic, abundant, lavish, peaceful way possible?

Are if not- what are you going to do about it??

Reply back to me via DM and let me know what you're shifting <3.


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Cheers to living a life where you're deeply thriving in all ways.


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