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What's Missing in Western Medicine - with Jessica Benstock

Uncategorized Oct 15, 2021

As you know, I love having a massive impact by helping YOU actually change the health and happiness of society (and yourself) -- so that's what I’m here to talk about today with the help of my brilliant guest and goddess, Jessica Benstock


Jessica comes from a family line of Western healers (doctors, physical therapists, etc) but considers herself the black sheep - the one that introduced holistic healing, ancient medicines, and a deeper understanding of healing at the source level versus symptom based level.


And now, after years of studying all sorts of alternative healing techniques and being completely obsessed with practicing + teaching them, Jessica is joining me today to talk about what we both feel is really missing from the Western Medicine that we’re all familiar with.


Find more about Jessica and her journey as a spiritual guide + trauma healer here >> @jessica.benstock


This blog is based off of a podcast episode where we go way deeper, and get way more personal, regarding these topics. Click HERE to listen to the full discussion. 


One huge thing to keep in mind before we begin is that, while Western and holistic medicinal practices are insanely different [to the point that holistic healing and alternative therapies are really often called crazy or doubted by Western medicine] they are still on the same team - 


The purest intention of both is to heal. 


They want to provide relief for the same symptoms - the difference is  just in how they are operated, the thought processes behind them, and how those intentions can be manipulated.


(COACHES - Keep an eye out for the similarities that you see between medicine and the health/wellness coaching industry. How often have you had to restructure what your client thought they knew because what they learned from Western Medicine was actually super outdated, untested, or even harmful?)


Ok, now let’s get to it: What’s missing in Western Medicine?


1. The acceptance of actual cures and breakthroughs. 


For example - you’ve probably heard time and time again that you can’t heal a virus, right?


You either let it run its course OR, like herpes and HIV, you are stuck with it forever.


Jessica shares a story about how she was once told she would never heal from a virus. She said, “I was immediately like fuck this, fuck you, I can heal anything. I'm going to learn all these alternative healing modalities and going to heal this… and I ended up healing it!”


She said she found a medicine woman in the Amazon, who gave her a tincture and told her to take eight drops a day, in the morning and the night, for three months.




Are we recommending to go out and take medication from random humans? Absolutely not. 


Jessica put in a lot of research, time, and intention into healing herself in this way. 


What we ARE saying is this - please, do not take what the medical industry says as solid, unbreakable fact.


They are an industry, they have to make money, and it gets a little difficult to make money when everyone is out permanently healing the things that they’re profiting off of.


It’s a hard truth but it’s something we have to look at before we just blindly believe the idea that we “can’t be healed” or that we “have to take medication forever”.


2. A focus on healing rather than profiting.


To build on what we were just talking about - a focus on healing is a huge missing point in Western medicine. 


Healing is not the goal.


Prescribing medication and achieving superficial or symptom relief is.


Because treating a symptom doesn’t cure the underlying issue… but it does make you reliant on the treatment. 


An example of this is using a “low calorie doctor prescribed weight loss plan”.

If you’re a health and wellness coach then you know this example well!!


Sure, after a few weeks of following the doctor's plan, the weight might actually go away. 


But this doesn’t address why the weight was gained, in the first place, or the health of the person taking them or their activity level or ANYTHING that actually impacts weight loss.


So, when the diet stops, the weight comes back and the cycle starts again.


Back to the doctors office… back to the pharmacy… back to the register… back to their wallet. 


Do you see where we’re going here?


(COACHES - If you’re a coach that wants to go deeper than these quick fixes then you know it’s necessary to look at what the body, the human, and the soul really need beyond weight loss. 


Jessica and I spend a little more time chatting about how this is just one of the mindsets we fight to break from Western medicine so that our clients can get to the root of the changes they want to see in themselves and their lives. Click HERE to go to the podcast and hear more on this specific topic.)


3. Transparency and honesty. 


Even as a super young child, I would watch commercials of pills and treatments and be like, “why are the side effects so long? And why is this ridiculous happy puppy running through a field of daisies on this medication commercial but people still somehow say yes to taking it?”


To clarify - I'm not anti medication.


Tons of people actually need medication to help them regulate certain diseases.


What I am against is the propaganda that the medical industry has created surrounding medication.


The cartoons, the marketing, the manipulation, and the reliance of the population, just blindly following along because it's in their face and on the TV - it’s all really icky to me. 


And Jessica definitely agrees. She adds: 


“This might sound like a conspiracy theory but, back in the day the big oil tycoons like the Rockefellers put a massive amount of money into Oxford, Stanford, and all of these really prestigious schools... 


They said, “we're gonna give you all this money [do the philanthropy thing] - so, there's all this money that we're going to give you and, in exchange, we just want to influence your curriculum a bit because we've found a new medicines that are going to advance us more than we have been.” 


And so, they influenced the curriculum. They started to take out herbology and nutrition and homeopathy… all of the things that worked and were booming back then.”


She continues with:


“Look at your grandma - back when there were commercials of doctors smoking cigarettes, telling people that cigarettes are healthy. 


That was a very real thing that happened that my grandparents remember. 


And, while the tobacco industry isn’t the medical industry, it's not really a far shoot that the medicinal world could be bought out by marketing on a certain level, too, right? 


There’s a bunch of money and a bunch of influence and they tell doctors to say something and, with the way that we look at doctors as leaders, we just believe them.”


Essentially, our chat comes down to one key element that can be felt throughout: the truth can be influenced, even in the medical world.


And, it’s up to us as individual humans to question anything that relates to our health, our happiness, and our ability to fully thrive in this incredible world. 


(And one last note for the coaches - we have chosen to help guide others out of a place of blindly believing that they’re hopeless, that they’re powerless, or that they’re at the mercy of the medical industry. For more support on how to coach them through these deeper experiences and realities check out my Integrated Coach Academy HERE > the waitlist for the first quarter of 2022 is now open for registration!)


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