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Why self love is the key to success

Uncategorized Sep 20, 2022

I feel like the idea of self love gets misconstrued...

Many people think it's the act of just loving yourself now because you shouldn't want to change...

Or they think that it's just a practice of getting their nails done and going for a massage...

Or some even think that it's about changing yourself to make yourself better...


Here's my take on it:

Self love is actually all of the above.

It's about knowing you're worthy as you are right now. without changing.

It's about showing up for yourself, your goals, your health, your loved ones, your work, your passion powerfully.

It's about having practices (like getting your nails done or meditating) that make you feel fucking amazing.

And yes, it's about bettering your life, yourself and truly creating a fuck-yes life.


Because you so deeply fucking love yourself and know you're worthy of having an amazing experience on this earth.


Most coaches teach "once you get THERE, then you'll be happy or love yourself or feel more confident"... I teach you to connect to the part of you that is ALREADY FUCKING FIREEEE, that feels worthy, that feels sexy, that feels fucking confident SO THAT GETTING TO YOUR GOALS BECOMES INFINITELY EASIER.


Because you can't expect yourself to change for the better while having negative self talk.

You can't expect to call in more money and second guess your potential.

You can't expect to change your physical health and struggle to love yourself.


These vibrations and ways of being/thinking just DON'T ADD UP.


That's why I've created the Self Love Challenge beginning October 2nd in my Thrive Membership.

We'll be spending 4 weeks on connecting you to a place of deeply loving yourself, your health, your body and showing up for yourself powerfully.


Think: bad bitch energy mixed with some meditation and a deepppp healing process to help you unconditionally love yourself.


The Self Love Challenge is only available to Thrive Members, so if you want in on this, head to the landing page and grab your spot ASAP.


There's a limited time offer of a month-to-month option as well at longer commitments.

You can pick whichever you feel the most called to.


Cheers to living a life where you're deeply thriving in all areas

<3 Jonnie Marie



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