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I've taken the past week off... Life on Fire update

Jul 06, 2023

Hello beautiessss,,


I'm excited to be back in (almost) full-work-swing.


I've been in New York for the past few days visiting family, and so I just have not had much time or energy to spend working.


My trip was completely last minute because we did have a death in the family... so it's been quite the ride.


Just a few years ago, when I would take off, I would feel like "I was falling behind"...

Like I "should be doing something else"...

Or squeezing in a work sess...


And the narrative of:

well, you work from your phone, so you could just work in the car or...

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Developing a deep sense of self confidence

Jun 07, 2022

Developing a deep sense of self confidence has less to do with becoming somebody else and more about becoming deeply secure with accepting who you are.


Today I shared a sneak peak of the results of my naked photoshoot with audience on social media (my nips & vajj were covered in the ones I shared, btw).

My audience responded to it by saying many things, but one of the comments that stuck out was: It's clear you look so confident in your body.


And while I'm grateful for it and all of the work i've done to be comfortable in my skin, I got thinking... am I comfortable in my...

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You're either ALL IN or you're not

May 29, 2022

I've hesitated to write about this topic for a while, because I know it brings up A LOT for many people.


Many people feel shameful for not being willing to "go all in" on whatever it is they desire.

They feel shameful for not being willing to quit the job they hate and start their business.

They feel shameful for maybe going back to jobs when their business didn't make the money they desired.

They feel shameful when they've been trying for so long in their health journey, yet haven't seen the physical results they've wanted...

Or if they have a medical condition that's holding them...

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The Time was Always NOW

May 26, 2022

As I'm sitting here doing some visioning work for my business and life.. and letting myself dream BIG AF, tapping into my potential, tapping into my biggest desires, and ultimately- what is ALREADY fucking meant for me... I felt inspired to share this bad-bitch, go-getter, the time-was-always-NOW- energy with you.

So here's an excerpt from my journal today:

The truth is, all of what you desire is here, now. It's not a dream, it's reality. It's your fucking reality.

You don't have to wait a year to start making the money you want. You dont have to wait to get the clients you want.



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The 7 Pillars of Thriving

May 19, 2021

I’m so excited to announce the expansion of my brand! 


I started my health coaching online business about 2 years ago. It morphed into business coaching - and now it has truly expanded into this place of thriving and overhauling your entire life!


So today I want to share with you my 7 Pillars of Thriving in every aspect of your life!


  1. Money  


Money is almost taboo to speak about. But it shouldn’t be that way!

Money is so important to our lives, happiness, well being and sense of thriving. It's something we all use everyday, we all...

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10 Things You Need to Learn to Show up Confidently as an Entrepreneur

Sep 14, 2020

10 Things You Need to Learn to Show up Confidently as an Entrepreneur

In this blog, I'll share with you the 10 biggest things I have learned in my first year of building my online business. The lessons I share are aimed to help you move through blocks and limiting beliefs to help you get to the next level in your business quicker. You will learn what consistency really means in business, how to help your ideal clients (and yourself) stop self-sabotaging, how to show up confidently as an entrepreneur and coach and so much more. 


Follow me on IG for daily business and mindset...

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