Join a badass group of spiritual entrepreneurs dedicated to building a wildly successful business using manifestation, personal growth & business strategy.

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Manifest your impact

Learn how to take the vision you have for your business & actually cultivate it into your physical reality.

  • Remove the blocks preventing you from wildly succeeding
  • Gain clarity on your business' vision
  • 6 months of support & upleveling with Jonnie as a manifestation mentor to become a match for the most fuck-yes, aligned clients
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Grow your income

Learn how to use social media to attract your most fuck-yes clients

  • Develop your own magnetic, authentic content creation system
  • Learn to package your knowledge into courses, products & coaching
  • Sell the fuck out of your work & make the impact you're here to make
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Develop unwavering belief in yourself

Give up the nonsense that you have to be someone else in order to succeed or the bs that you can't have a wildly successful business.

  • Learn the tools to create a wildly secure mindset that supports you, daily in developing your impact & income
  • Move through the difficult AF & confronting parts of yourself that entrepreneurship brings up
  • Feel empowered, daily to build the next iteration & level of success for your business
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What customers are saying...

“Working with Jonnie helped me get rid of the box of what a health coach 'should' look like- and now my business looks bigger than ever.

Over the past 9 month's my husband and I have paid off all of our credit card debt.

I now actually LOVE the way I'm helping clients and I DID massively increase my income”

Maggi Calo

“Before working with Jonnie I was struggling to sign clients, even with a ton of sales calls. I had even worked with a few other business coaches, and still felt stuck.


Jonnie helped me massively with sales, my marketing and overall messaging so that it now actually lands with my audience and converts to sales.


With her help I now have quit my job and make over 5k/month consistently.”


"I have not been working with Jonnie for very long but this time with her has been completely MIND BLOWING for me. The amount of understanding she has & support she gives is unlike anything I've experienced before. I truly feel like she GETS ME. She understands where I am and where I ultimately want to be. The guidance she gives me on a daily basis is specific, simple and SO EFFECTIVE.”


Some other successes from past clients:


"I've gotten farther in the last day than I have in the last 6 months in some ways. Just based off my convos with you."


"Next week is my last week at my 9-5!!!!!!!!!! Let's freeking get it!!"


"Total revenue for November was 11k?!? Likeeee what???"


"October was 16k!? What is life?!"

Hey beauty, I'm Jonnie Marie Agresta

I started building businesses at age 17 when I worked for a startup gym with a lazy business owner. I was basically thrown into teaching myself marketing, program creation, sales and hiring...

And although I only got paid like $7/hour at the time, the knowledge I gained was wildly supportive of me building my own businesses over the years.

But truthfully, I flopped like a fish for about 10 years...

I spent that time half in- and half out of entrepreneurship.

I struggled to put myself out on social media (b/c let's be real, building a business in front of the world & getting constant feedback from likes/views/comments can be wildly triggering.

And I just didn't TRULY believe in myself...


But in 2019, everything shifted.

I dedicated myself to becoming a wildly successful entrepreneur, went all-in and launched my first online health-coaching program.


I signed 6 clients and made $3600. I really felt like "I MADE IT!".


Just 6 months later I was making 10k/month- and I started business coaching other coaches who watched my quick success.


I stayed as a business coach for a few years and helped many entrepreneurs grow their own six figure+ businesses from the ground up.


And as I reached the multiple six figure mark just 18 months later, I became known for upleveling and transforming all areas of our life.


But throughout all iterations of my business, my mission has always been to help the world thrive.


And you cannot thrive if you are not financially supported AND truly inspired by your life & work every single day.


So the Expansive AF Entrepreneur Mastermind is the place where I combine all of my skills: from business strategy, to manifestation to mindset.


Ive found that the way I teach this work in the mastermind has been THE MOST effective & transformational for my clients at all levels, and it's currently the only way to work with me in your business.


Here's how I designed the mastermind:

Bi-weekly group calls (12 total)

These calls are where you'll come to learn the ins & outs of building a business, get hot-seat coaching to build out your business, have all of your questions answered and develop a strong support system with other like-minded business owners.

Unlimited Voxer access

You'll have consistent access to Jonnie and the group for support and on demand coaching. Whether you're struggling, have questions, are succeeding or just need a pep talk, having the resources to help you is KEY to business success.

Access to all of Jonnie's business-coaching resources

Jonnie has created a fuckton of resources, from: Content creation strategies, to sales conversions, to meditations & videos to help you expand what you believe is possible for yourself in business. Throughout your 6 months in the mastermind, you'll receive these resources to use as you need.

I need this


It's time you develop massive unwavering belief in yourself.

It's time you build a wildly fulfilling & impactful business.

It's time you stop hiding behind your brilliance and your knowledge.

And it's time you build the massive impact & income that you desire.


I know how overwhelming it can be.

I know how deeply triggering it can be.

And I know how confusing the online world makes it seem.


*Believe me, I've made all of the mistakes, have worked with business coach after business coach, and have spent an insane money on my learning to get where I am today*


The tools in the Expansive AF Entrepreneur Mastermind, will help you feel clear, focused, empowered, intentional and wildly successful, daily, in your business.

I'm ready for this