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Your Only Job Is to Thrive: Strong & Sexy Edition


E-book by Jonnie Marie Agresta

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It feels like I've been through it all when it comes to health...

Disordered eating patterns,


Body dysmorphia,

Self hate,

Self love,

Taking steroids,

113 lbs... 165+ lbs,

17% body fat... 40% body fat,

Being in the best shape of my life... and some of the worst,

the list goes on...


But now... I'm thriving deeper than EVER

I feel sexy, I deeply love myself both internally & externally & show up for myself & my health goals in the most balanced way.

My book Your Only Job is to Thrive: Strong & Sexy Edition exposes it all...

How I overcame all of the difficult parts,

How I overcame my bingeing,

How I got to a place where I deeply love my physical body,

How I got my ass back into working out and nourishing myself intentionally,

How I finally tapped into feeling sexy AF both internally & externally,

and how you can do it, too.


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I hope this content deeply serves you, lets you know that you're not alone and shows you that you, too, can deeply thrive in your health while feeling sexy AF.

See you in the book.

Get your copy of Your Only Job is to Thrive: Strong & Sexy Edition


This chapter is where I lay my deepest struggles with health, body image, self love & food ALL out on the table.


I hold NOTHING back in this chapter because the aim is to invite you into the REALNESS of what being on a health journey for 13 years truly looks like.


This chapter is filled with 3 of the biggest lies that exist in the health world:

1- If you lose weight, you'll feel sexier & more confident

2- Health & feeling more confident in your body is just based off of how many calories you eat and how much you weigh

3- You can’t wear the crop top, bikini, lingerie or even have a good sex life until you look a certain way


I debunk all 3 of these and help you move towards a place of truly feeling sexy, strong, healthy & powerful in your body.

In this chapter I share the power of showing up for yourself and how to get yourself out of a place of "saying" you're going to do the things... to actually DOING them.

In this chapter I debunk bullshit health rules that are keeping you from truly thriving in your health.


I used to SWEAR by things like macro counting, always pushing myself to go to the gym regardless of how I felt and following diet plans to try & get the results I wanted.

But after YEARS of failing to be able to be consistent enough with this, I developed my own way of doing this... and  as a result of following my own system, my body looks and feels the way I had always dreamed of.


I share a lot of my process in this chapter.

This chapter is all about balancing the "go-go-go" & get shit done energy with having compassion for yourself and honoring your body's desire to just relax.


I don't believe you have to always be "on" in order to reach your health & fitness goals... but I do believe that you have to learn to balance it.


This chapter has some tough love mixed with compassion & love.

This chapter will help you heal your relationship with going out to eat so that you can eat the damn pasta AND eat intentionally for your goals.


Many health gurus teach that it's either you eat intentionally OR you eat the pasta/bread/dessert etc...


I don't believe you have to choose- and this chapter will show you how to do this for yourself

One of the biggest things that fucked up my sex life, for the longest time, was going out to eat at night.


My husband and I would start date night off by saying how excited we were for sex... and then by the end of dinner we would just be uncomfortable, farting consistently & feeling ANYTHING but sexy.


In this chapter I show you how we overcame this, yet still eat out at least 3-5 times per week and have an epic sex life.

I used to live by this idea of "grinding" in all areas of my life, especially my health.


But honestly it was exhausting and a sucky way to live.


In this chapter I show you how I still get to my physical goals of feeling and looking strong & sexy while balancing "getting shit done" with relaxing- and how you can, too.

Too often we get caught up in the negativity of what we are feeling and what we are experiencing, that we just STAY THERE.


We constantly talk to ourselves, negatively.

We call our friends and mom and complain about it.

We write about it in our journal.

Complain about it the next time we see somebody...


This cycle of negativity rules our life- and ultimately prevents us from changing it- in ALL ways, but especially when it comes to our health.


This chapter will help you refocus your energy on what you DO desire, so that you feel better on a day to day basis and can move through the parts of life where you might not be feeling that strong & sexy.

Sunday night, everyone and their mother sets their goals up for what they want their week to look like...

How many times they want to go to the gym.

What their meals are going to look like.

What they're "not going to eat" this week.

How "good" they're going to be with their goals...


But come Tuesday (if even), most people fall off... completely.


And begin the cycle again the following week.


This chapter will show you how to stop this cycle, once and for all.

I spent years hiding behind my desire to feel and look sexy.

Now- as evidenced by me being naked on my social media- it's quite the opposite.

I talk about this process, the inner workings and the external things I changed to completely shift out of a place of hiding my body and into a place of where I feel naturally fucking sexy.

This chapter is filled with the tough love that everyone needs to kick their ass into gear to realize that no one's coming to change your health for you... or any area of your life for that matter.


The sooner you take massive self responsibility, the sooner you'll be in a physical body that feels strong & sexy.

How many times do you start or end your days feeling like shit?


Maybe because there were birthday parties this weekend and you consumed alcohol & food that didn't make you feel good.


Or you went to happy hour with your coworkers and had a little too much alcohol while waiting for the train or your uber to come?


Or you skipped lunch, only to be starving later on and feeling insatiably hungry?


Yeah, i've heard it all and been there, too.


You're not alone with these experiences- and you can't wait for these experiences to just "go away" so that you can FINALLY treat your body well.


This chapter goes into all of this- and how to navigate this cycle.

Stop giving your fucking power away...

to your medical conditions...

to the fact that you don't have a "fast metabolism...

to the fact that you've been "trying for so long"...

to the fact that you're "not 20 anymore"...


blah, blah, blah.


Sure these things may be real- and valid- always. But you can CHOOSE a different way of being and thinking and acting.


Because, in reality, if someone else has achieved something that you want- YOU CAN DO IT, TOO.


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