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Most of the world thinks that in order to feel sexy they have to achieve a specific body, but the truth is:


feeling sexy is ALWAYS available to you... and it's the gateway to helping you get the body & health of your dreams.

I'm ready to feel sexy AF

There's nothing LESS sexy than being in a body that doesn't feel beyond amazing.


Whether you struggle with bingeing, self hate, lack of showing up for yourself or just struggling to prioritize yourself, as a whole, you KNOW what it's like to wake up in the morning, face-palm and feel awful about yourself.


So much so, that your sex life declines...

Your desire to be touched by yourself & others declines...

When you put on clothing you feel less than excited...

Meanwhile your consistent thoughts about what you "should" be eating, how badly you "fucked it up" and how you "need" to get back on track on Monday has become your new norm...



You're ready to feel fucking GOOD in your body.

You're ready to eat intentionally, so that you can enjoy the damn fucking cupcake- AND MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE.

You're ready to push yourself and your physical body in a loving, yet intentional way to get you the body and health you desire.

And you're ready to feel sexy... truly sexy... not just when you're drunk or stoned... but truly- wholeheartedly- I'm- feelin'- myself- sexy!


Am I right?!


Listen, I'm gonna say something I probably "shouldn't" but we all probably agree with...

Life is better when you have an epic sex life and feel amazing in your body

Hi I'm Jonnie Marie Agresta

And I spent most of my 30 years on this earth feeling INSANELY uncomfortable in my body.


And as a result, my self confidence in every area of my life suffered.

I became obsessed with macro counting & seeing the number on the scale go down.

I struggled with binge eating, daily, and body dysmorphia.

I never felt "good enough" to wear things that made me feel/look sexy.

I was physically, never able to get "skinny enough" to TRULY feel comfortable in my body.

I felt shameful for even wanting to feel sexy and explore that side of myself.

And as a result of this, my sex life, self confidence & self belief MASSIVELY suffered... for years.


Fast forward to today...

My sex life is thriving, my health is better than ever, I eat intentionally and workout consistently. I'm strong & sexy from the inside-out. Not because I "achieved" a certain look... but rather, this "look" came as I healed my relationship with myself & food and fully allowed myself to thrive in my health.

Introducing Inside-Out

The all-in-one health program helping you feel sexy from the inside-out

Core teachings of the program:


1. Master how you sex:


Desiring to feel more confident & sexy is a natural part of being a human. It's available to you at ALL stages of your health journey and is a byproduct of your self love & the way you show up for yourself.


Inside-Out will help you uncover the part of you that inherently feels sexy AF... but is probably buried under a lot of shame, guilt and dishonoring of your desires.


You'll walk away from this program feeling insanely more confident in your physical body and way more self-expressed, physically and intimately.


2. Master how you eat


Having a healthy relationship with food doesn't mean that you don't give a fuck about what you eat... nor does it mean that you have to macro count & be obsessive AF.


Inside-Out will show you how to be intentional with your nutrition while also being a human who enjoys food & learns to navigate the craziness that life throws at you without relying on food to make you feel better.


3. Master how you move:


Finding a balance of different types of movement and incorporating strength training will forever be the MOST effective way to change your health & physical body, long term. 


Inside-Out will help you rewire your relationship with movement so that you no longer do it from a place of self-hate, but rather a place of self-love.

You will be consistent with your movement, see results and know how to balance between pushing yourself and giving yourself rest.


4. Master the art of never giving up


Last but not least, in order to feel sexy AF & truly healthy in your skin, you MUST be committed to the process of learning to thrive in your body... which means you can NEVER GIVE UP.


Inside-Out is a program that will help you tap into unwavering confidence in yourself & your ability to fully go after the health & body of your dreams... even when shit feels really fucking difficult.


Because the truth is, as long as you never give up, you WILL succeed.




I'm ready to feel fucking sexy

Program details


  • Length of program: I've had clients finish this program is as little as 3 months, however the duration will be up to you.

    Remember, there's no rush... We're going for LONG-TERM transformation, not short term frustration

  • Content delivery: You get lifetime-access to 15+ Video/audio trainings guiding you through Jonnie's process to feel sexy from the inside-out.

    You'll cover everything from healing your relationship with food, loving yourself as you are now, working out and eating intentionally to get the result you desire

    Each video comes with homework & journal prompts for you to apply the teachings to your life and help you change your habits FOR GOOD.

  • Support: This program is a complete DIY course with everything you need to feel sexy and healthy in your body.

    The teachings and homework will give you actionable steps to take each and every week.

    I've made sure to give you EVERYTHING you need in this program to thrive in your physical body.



The course is delivered 100% online via my online membership platform.


I have broken down my process of feeling sexy AF in your body into 7 easily digestible modules.


Each module is comprised of multiple 10-40 minute teaching videos, meditations, homework and journal prompts.


I have seen clients finish this course in 2-3 months, but you can move through the content as slow or fast as you would like- there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to health.

Some videos will take you longer to move through, because you may have more stuff come up around the topic, and others you might breeze through.

No, there are not.


We will be focusing on your relationship to movement and developing routines that serve you from an intention of loving your body.


I do, however, recommend an online strength training membership once you are in the course. This is an additional $50/month which is completely optional.

Inside-Out is a program that is safe for the general population, however if you have any medical conditions or are on any medications, it's important for you to check with your own medical professionals before implementing any changes.

It is fully up to you to make sure that the changes you make, whether directly recommended or implied are 100% safe for you.

If you have a specific condition, and want direction before purchasing, just reach out to me on IG @jonnie_agresta or email me at [email protected] and I'll be happy to answer you.

Everyone and their mother has something to say about what you "should" be doing to get healthier...

It's time that you start owning what YOU desire, what makes you THRIVE and what makes you feel beyond amazing in your body.

I know that you've been trying for what feels like forever...

I know that you've paid for the courses, hired the trainers, have done the macro counting...

I know that you're REALLY fucking ready to feel good in your physical body...

And you're ready to do it without massive restrictiveness...

...but you're also not willing to not give a shit about what you look & feel like.

Let's be real- you care.


My love, you don't have to choose between having a healthy relationship with food & your body and achieving the physical health you desire.


When you go through the Inside-Out program, you'll learn how to embody it all...

The peaceful sense of health, internally.

The strong body, externally.

The healthy relationship with food & deep self love for yourself.

And the deep fucking passionate, sexiness that's layered beneath all of the shame, guilt & self-hate you've been living with for years.


Inside-Out will help you discover what it's like to deeply thrive in your body and feel like fucking sex.


Are you in?!

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I'm ready to feel sexy AF

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