I'm READY - sign me up for the Academy!

I'm READY - sign me up for the Academy!

I'm Jonnie,

creator of the Integrated Coach Academy.

And, love, at the beginning of my journey as a coach, 
I was exactly where you are right now…

I was a Personal Trainer + Registered Dietitian
with a desire to truly change lives
but I was also:

>>> Feeling overwhelmed
with the number of clients that just wanted to lose weight,
when I knew health went so much deeper than that. 

Confused + unconfident
in my abilities to charge more money per client and get wealthy
as a health coach.

to get clients long-term results.

Unsure of how to market + brand
my message in an impactful way. 

>>> Frustrated with how limiting my
schooling + certifications were...
they were meant for the physical realm,
not the emotional or spiritual.

>>> Struggling with unmotivated clients
& not knowing how to deal with the ones who had
trouble sticking to their plan.

But now, after 10+ years of coaching humans, working through those issues, and developing a deep understanding of what it really takes to help someone change their health for good...

I have now developed a set of very specific coaching strategies to help you overcome these struggles. 

I call these "human based coaching strategies"
and they are focused on

helping your clients shift their energy, shift their way of being,
and notice patterns

so they can stop repeating the things that keep them
stuck in unhealthy places
and in a physical reality they don't like.

When I fully incorporated this way of teaching,
my client's finally:

+ Started staying with me long term,

+ Stopped giving up on their health journey,

+ Started achieving long term results,

+ And stopped falling off track.

This what I will be teaching to you in
the Integrated Coach Academy.


  • The DIY course will 10+ hours of video content and homework helping you transform your marketing & coaching skills
  • Access to a Telegram Group to get support as you move through the content
  • Opportunities to work with others & get feedback on your business, programs & marketing
  • A new way of coaching & helping others transform their health


I'm READY - sign me up for the Academy!










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