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 This membership is for you if you're a

human who's:

  • Dedicated to living a fuck-yes life where you're the happiest, most successful and healthiest version of yourself
  • Committed to doing the work necessary to get to your goals
  • Knows that the inner work is SO important
  • Is so ready to feel calm, connected, happy & healthy in all ways. 


My love, as with anything you've achieved, becoming the happiest & healthiest version of yourself doesn't happen overnight...

Nor is it something you can get in a month...

That's why the Thrive Membership is here to guide you through your long-term commitment to growth & transformation.


This membership is a multitude of self care and personal growth that have domino-ed into me (and my clients) making the most money we ever have, having the best health of our lives, the best sex and be the happiest humans we've ever been, both internally and externally...

Hey Love, I'm Jonnie Marie Agresta,


And I know what it's like to achieve all of the things and still feel like "is this really fucking IT?"...

I spent my life chasing external goals and I had checked off all of the boxes of what I thought I needed to be happy...


I was a good student...

Got straight A's...

Was in good shape...

Had a career as a dietitian...


On paper.. everything looked AMAZING

But internally, everything felt COMPLETELY WRONG.

I was struggling with:

  • disordered eating & body dysmorphia
  • daily anxiety
  • binge eating
  • feeling reactive and like life was just happening TO me
  • hating all of the job opportunities & pay available
  • my relationship was suffering
  • my sex life was anything but exciting
  • and comparisonitis was my normal way of being.


I started to question: "is this just the way it's going to be?!

Is this what the rest of my life is going to look like?!?!"


But instead of allowing this to be my path, I decided to shift it...

I started doing personal development work, daily, and dedicated my life to figuring out what it took to THRIVE...

and as a result:

 I'm happier than ever

I feel a deep sense of calm, love & light, daily.

I run a multiple six figure business that I love off of being myself

My sex life is fucking epic

My marriage is the strongest it's ever been

My health (both internally and externally) is the best it's ever been 

Success flows WAY fucking easier than it ever has

And I now help other beautiful humans discover what makes them truly thrive...

My love, this is ALL possible for you, but you need to be dedicated to your growth as a human, and that's what the Thrive Membership is for...


I want you to know that there IS a better way of living your life...


And it doesn't mean that you have to give up the massive goals you have!


In fact, it's the complete opposite.


When you thrive, everything you desire FLOWS to you.


Your brilliance is magnified.


Your energy is magnetic.


And the days of pushing your way to success are OVER- and the days of true happiness are HERE.


Here's what you get in the membership:

Get weekly coaching prompts to help you step into a new, easier, happier way of being


Every Sunday you will receive an email with a coaching prompt for the week.


The prompts will help you do the inner work necessary to bridge the gap between pushing to achieve your goals and having your goals flow easier into your life.


Get access to weekly transformational meditations & journal prompts to help you change your life & the love you have for it


I get it, meditation and journaling aren't normally viewed as "sexy".

And as high-achievers, we really don't have time to slow down... we have fucking goals to achieve, RIGHT?!

Well, yes, obvs- AND- there's an easier way of achieving them- and the weekly work in the thrive membership will help you do that.

Get access to an exclusive community of badass, supportive humans on their own thrive-journey


Most of the world settles for mediocrity... but the Thrive Members are different.

We don't settle for anything that's not a fuck yes.

We are supportive AF with each other.

And we are REAL & VULNERABLE- aka you'll actually feel connected to other people... not fakely, but DEEPLY.


You'll get a Telegram group to pop in whenever you need anything- and Jonnie and the other Thrive Members will be there to support you.


We'll also meet LIVE 1x/month for a monthly intention setting & clearing session.

I want this


Whether you're new to personal development  & growth or have been involved in it for years, the content in this membership will deeply serve you.



Let's be real- you're not fucking stopping any time soon... fuck that, you're NEVER stopping. Because growth in all areas literally GIVES YOU LIFE!!

The guidance and work I share in the Thrive Membership will help you finally create the life you KNOW is possible for you... NOW.


If you want consistent & transformational guidance to shift out of old habits and into the abundant, successful, thriving human you're meant to be, the Thrive Membership is for you.


If you want a community of connected, supportive, go-getters who are also dedicated to their personal growth, the Thrive Membership is for you.


If you want to create a life beyond your wildest dreams, without constantly feeling burnt out, then the Thrive Membership is for you.

This was the membership I didn't know was missing from my life!!

Thank you SO much- the past's week content has helped so much!! I love how you teach about topics that I would never bring up for myself... it's not just helping me but also helping the way I help my own clients!

I joined the membership because I needed to figure myself out, more...

That's a lot to expect from one membership, but the first few weeks BLEW MY SOCKS OFF. Each week is revealing new things to me- and as a coach I knew that Jonnie was good, I just didn't know how miraculous her methods were! I would recommend this membership to anyone!

The thrive membership is a MUST if you want to dig deep into what's preventing you from living the life you want!

I use this content mainly for myself as an entrepreneur, and each week I just feel better and better.


I'm so grateful for this space and to be able to share my feelings and have the support to work through things!


Choose the payment option that works best for you:

12 months paid in full


(2 months free)

  • One time payment
  • Includes:
    • 12 months of weekly pre-recorded coaching prompts, meditations & journal prompts
    • 12 months of Telegram access (group messaging app) 
    • 12 live intention setting sessions
    • Automatically renews every 12 months until you cancel
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6 months paid in full




  • One time payment
  • Includes:
    • 1 month free
    • 6 months of weekly pre-recorded coaching prompts, meditations & journal prompts
    • 6 months of Telegram access (group messaging app) 
    • 6 live intention setting sessions
    • Automatically renews every 6 months until you cancel


Become a Thrive Member

Month to month


(no commitment)



  • Weekly pre-recorded coaching prompts, meditations and journal prompts
  • Telegram access (group messaging app)
  • Monthly intention setting sessions
  • Automatically renews every month until you cancel
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