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When you purchase your thrive membership you agree to the following terms:

1- No refunds or transfers of the payment for ANY reason including, but not limited to: not getting the results you desire, "thinking" something else was going to happen, not using the material or not enjoying the content or coaching.

2- You acknowledge that you are fully responsible for the cancellation of your membership. And that your membership will renew every month, until you cancel. Once your membership renews, you will not be refunded if you forgot to cancel it, thought you cancelled it, or claimed that you had cancelled it already. You must reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions regarding your cancellation BEFORE your renewal date.

3- You release Jonnie Marie Agresta and Jonnie Marie Agresta LLC from all liability while you are in the membership and outside of the membership.

4- You understand that any marketing or results whether implied or directly stated is simply an example of what it possible and is not promised or guaranteed for you.


5- If your renewal payment does not process, your membership will be automatically cancelled and our team will reach out to you regarding your payment.


6- You accept full responsibility for your transformation and actions in this membership and understand that any recommendations given are not to replace medical or professional advice.


7- You agree to keep everything confidential that is said during your time in the Thrive Membership to protect the safety of our members.


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Thrive membership month-to-month

Are you ready to dedicate yourself to living a life where you're thriving?

What you'll get:

  • Having Jonnie as your coach
  • Weekly emails with new coaching prompts, journal prompts and meditations
  • Monthly Zoom meet ups with other Thrive Members to set intentions & clear anything that's feeling limiting
  • Access to a private Telegram to connect with and support others

This membership only works as much as you dedicate yourself to the work.

By enrolling, you are allowing yourself to expand and challenge yourself to achieve the physical and internal reality that will deeply support you in thriving.

Jonnie is beyond excited to support you.

Cheers to creating a life where you are thriving.


**Please note that YOU are fully responsible for the cancellation of your membership. Once your payment is processed, we will not be able to refund you for any reason. You can fully cancel your membership through the website portal. And if you have any questions, you can reach out to [email protected] BEFORE your renewal date.