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This sales page is a no-frills page giving you exactly what you need to know to tell if you're meant to be a part of

The Health Leaders Circle


Let's get straight to it.


The Health Leaders Circle is the place where business, manifestation, spirituality and eliciting deep transformations in our clients intersect.


I created it for the soul-led, passion-filled, badass entrepreneur who:

  • Already has a successful health coaching business and is ready to pivot powerfully, to do deeper work with their clients, while growing their income.

  • Is in a place where they've done a fuckton of work on themselves- and while they know this work never truly stops, they're ready to birth their own version of combining inner work & health into the world while rebuilding their business in an aligned way.

  • Loves luxury shit and realness, and maybe they even love watching some trashy reality TV, yet deep convos FUEL their soul.

  • Is no longer fully inspired by just teaching about macros & form and wants to help their clients outside of weight loss & basic strategy.

  • They want mentoring to grow their coaching skills so they can confidently provide clients with the most life-changing transformations.

If this vibes with you-

The Health Leaders Circle is for you.



What will your time in the Health Leaders Circle look like???


  • Phase 1: Growth

    • This is the phase where you'll be (continuing to) do the inner work to become a true health-leader in the industry.

      As we know- we are always the student and the teacher at the same time. And doing the work on ourselves is KEY before we teach it to our clients.

    • You will be learning more about how health goes deeper, how inner work impacts your clients' behavior and coaching skills that you can utilize on your clients.

  • Phase 2: Business Shifts

    • This is the phase where you'll be developing your own techniques of going deeper with your clients and integrating them into your programs.

    • Every client I've worked with uses a different balance of maintaining their current teachings + adding on more inner work. Being SOLID with your own framework is KEY to pivoting/expanding successfully.

  • Phase 3: Integration

    •  This is where business' shifts will be made: i.e. launching your new programs, experiencing what it's like to coach clients in a deeper way, and attracting clients who want to do the deeper work.

**Please note that these phases do not necessarily occur simultaneously, and everyone coming through the program will be going through these at different paces. This is why this is a hybrid between 1:1 and group mentorship.


Here's the breakdown of how it's run:

Number 1.

It's run fully, by me, Jonnie Marie Agresta. I've been obsessed with helping humans become happier, healthier and wealthier versions of themselves.

I became an RD- but that felt like it was just one piece of the puzzle.

So I became a personal trainer- and that also felt like it was only one piece of the puzzle.

And then I built my online business- and grew my massive impact & income and I'm now known for teaching the intersection between health, manifestation, business- and all things happiness, health and wealth.


I was born to lead others to make a massive impact and income-

and The Health Leaders Circle is the safe space for you to do that, too.


Number 2.

The Health Leaders Circle is a year-long mentorship-mastermind combo.

It is a large commitment of resources- but will guide you to the deepest place of confidence, happiness, clarity and success.


You'll be learning to coach in deeper ways, you'll get direct feedback on your client' experiences, business coaching on program development & you'll deepen your spirituality & personal growth.


Number 3.

We will meet 1x/month as a group for 2 hours each call.  


Some calls will be geared towards teaching coaching skills and growing your business, others will be run as a true mastermind where you can get feedback and learn from others while having a safe space to grow your role as a health leader and connect with others.


Number 4.

You receive 1 1:1 call with me each month + 1:1 voxer access where we can go over anything you need in your own life or business.

This is where you will have support from me as a spiritual, manifestation & business mentor to help you grow the most aligned business and life for yourself.


Number 5.


The goal of The Health Leaders Circle is to provide a safe space to ask questions about helping clients, improve your coaching, leadership and entrepreneurial skills and make the impact you were BORN to make.


Number 6.

Lastly, you will receive access to all of the courses that I've created up until this point.

This includes (but isn't limited to):

  • Life on Fire- my manifestation, healing and inner work course which will help you grow as a human, lead yourself and your life in a much more impactful way and manifest everything you truly desire, including your business.
  • The Integrated Coach Academy- the course helping health coaches go deeper with their clients. More often than not, this course serves as a reminder for the work that YOU know is needed in the health world. It also covers program design and content creation so you can attract clients who are ready for the inner work.
  • And lastly you'll get access to my ridiculous amount of healing meditations and visualizations, journal prompts, and personal growth tools.


 The Health Leaders Circle is a place of true mentorship and growth. NOTHING is left out of this program.


It is EVERYTHING you need this year to grow your own massive impact and income.


How to apply:

DM me or email me with the following (voice memos are highly welcomed):

1- Why do you want to be a part of The Health Leaders Circle?

2- Why is NOW the time for you to join?

3- What's feeling misaligned in your business/life that you want to shift this year?

4- What would you like out of The Health Leaders Circle?

5- Anything else you want to share? I'm here for it all.

6- Which payment plan do you want to choose?

Pay in Full


Price after the first cohort will increase to 20k

2 payments

$5500 x 2

Price after the 1st cohort will increase to 2 payments of 11k

Monthly Payments

$1000 x 12

Price after 1st cohort will increase to $2000 x 12

I'm excited to meet you and see what magic we bring out in 2023.


Cheers to building the massive impact and income you were put on this earth to make while changing the health and happiness of society.